10.13.18 BB The County BO

What I love about this group is you never know what to expect when you show up for a workout. Now when you Q, you at least you know what beatdown you are getting ready to hand out to the PAX. But still, you don’t know how it’s going to unfold or what dudes you will be going through it with or what modifications you will have to make.
0655: show up to AO place my goodies and plant the flags(The County still has the Ghost Flag). Cochran approaches, has his phone in hand and has read the preblast because he is playing The Rolling Stones song, “You can’t always get what you want.” NICE! 6 PAX strong to include my 2.0 The GOAT. 0700- Let’s get it on!
Mosey around the campus, gather up the coupons and cicle up behind the chapel.
COP: Michael Phelps IC, Grass Grabbers IC, Soccer Kicks IC, Hip flexor stretch, Downward dog and stretch out the calves.
Thang 1: 3 Tabata routines.
But Wait, Wait! What’s this?! Bob Ross rollin in?! I would be lying if I told you YHC didn’t get a little emotional seeing him show up off the rebound of a funeral for Carolyn Wintergerst just the day prior. He didn’t make mention of it and just said, “found you guys,” and showed up ready to get smoked. Mad respect!
Tabata 1: coupon push-up
Tabata 2: chest press
Tabata 3: square squats (more brutal than I expected.)

Return the coupons and head to the playground for…
Thang 2: DORA 100 pull ups, 200 squats, 300 dips. Opposing partner does a run.
Afterwards we took a few minutes to stretch out before Mary.
Mary: Jack Webb 1 BBSU to 4 flutter kicks.

PAX: Bob Ross, Selfie, Cochran, Double Down(R), Gilligan, The GOAT, Big Bird(Q)

Announcements: October ruck on Friday 10/19 at the O. Meet at the tennis courts at 8pm.
Charitable causes page on F3 Louisville
Convergence on 10/27 at the Posh. Bring needed items for the food drive to the AO this week and next and site Qs will deliver the day of the convergence.

Intentions: Since we were honored to have Bod Ross join us (his first County appearance btw), I wanted him to take us out.
Thanked the Lord for friends and family, don’t take anything for granted, hug your kids, let them know you love them, you are here for them and even when you can’t be, they have the love and support of the Lord.
Closed with The Our Father.

Until next time


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