BB from the Incubator 10/17/2018@ The Mutt

HIMS sorry for the late BB. I almost completely forgot to get this post out. So I will keep it short.

This was only my 5thQ and VQ at the Mutt. I was very excited to give the HIMS some of Mama’s Boys sayings and hopefully a decent Beatdown as well.

Fungi and I rolled in around 5:15. I set up a few cones and we waited for the PAX to get there. As I had reached out to Old Bay earlier in the week he told me Wednesday were always good but everyone seems to roll in at the last minute. As 5:29 approached Pax was 8 strong. At 5:30 PAX grew to 18, Old Bay on point. I give the disclaimer and off we mosey. Glenn Ross then informs me that I have forgotten to give my 1st Mama’s quote. Thanks for keeping in check.

Mama’s quote #1

I tell the PAX, that growing up that my Mother would say to me.

Tell me who you hang out with and I’ll tell you who you are. Now to business.


25-SSH (IC)

15-Imperial Walkers

10-Grass Grabbers

Downward Dog into calf stretch and scorpion

Merkin Waterfall start at 10 9 8 etc all the way to 1.

The Pax grabs coupons and move to the front of the school.

With coupons we do Sets of 20 IC




Overhead Press

Then PAX Splits into 2 lines we do a Catch me if you can Run. Last Pax member drops and does 5 merkins then sprints to front of the line. We went down Leland to St. Matthews Ave and down Brookfield back to the coupons.

Stack Em and Get Em

I did a terrible job explaining this thang.

The PAX split into groups of 3

PAX1- carries the coupon, suppose to be one at a time 50yds. Then Mosey’s back till all 3 coupons are at the other end.

PAX2 and 3- while 1 is stacking coupons

2- does 20- merkins then AMRAP burpees

3-does 15 burpees then AMRAP merkins

After all coupons are stacked all 3

PAX Bear crawl 25yds then lunge 25yds to get to the coupons. Switch it up till everyone has stacked em. At this point time is running out. Put coupons up.

Circled up for MARY

25-Big Boys

20-Flutter Kicks

20- Big Boys

15-Flutter Kicks


I’m beat. It’s 6:15

We then made our way to the flag for COT.

Intentions: Vince, all unsaid intentions

Announcements: Convergence/Food drive

As always, it was an honor to lead a great group of men. I know it wasn’t the best Q but I look forward to the opportunity to do it again.

Mama’s Boy 👊🏻👊🏻

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