10.24.18 – Blender – Q school back blast with Old Bay.

By now, everyone knows the goals that were set for the week.  Revisit the core principles of F3, reinforce the important components of Qing a workout, and ignite the leader that each of us has inside.  I will use bullet points to entice Mouth to read to the end.

  • PAX (15) – Bo Schembechler (DR Columbus OH), Flamingo (DR Cleveland OH), Amelia, DiGiorno, Glen Ross, Country Boy, Mama’s Boy, Maize, Blue Print, Sump Pump, Daddy’s Girl, Back Draft, Zoolander, Zima, Old Bay (QIC)
  • Conditions – 41* and dry.  Beautiful.
  • Gear – Costco baselayer upper, orange cotton Tshirt, Patagonia zip jacket, Target shorts, Asics Cumulus kicks.  I was wearing 2 different shades of gray…that probably breaks a rule or something.

As Zoolander pulled in at 05:30:30, I gave a disclaimer that you do not have to do what I suggest you do.  With that out of the way…15 Burpees.  Zima called this a slaughter start last week at his Q and I loved it, so I stole it.  Mosey around the school for COP.


  • Discussed the importance of a pre-blast.  PAX have every right to choose where they post, and clarity of information may help inform that decision.  Run-heavy, coupon-heavy, headlamp required, pavement only, etc.  I like to hit my WO hard, but as a grown man, I don’t like getting wet and muddy.  Things like that.
  • Discussed proper counting, and how the PAX and the Q can benefit from each of the 4 parts.  *The next exercise is ____  *Ready position, MOVE  *In cadence  *Exercise
  • It’s important for the Q to breathe.  Let the PAX call out the “4” count so you can take a breath.
  • SSH, Grass Grabbers, T Merkins
  • Then I asked who had not yet Q’d, and because I’m a dick I mean because I believe everyone of us is a leader, I asked them to get in the circle and count out an exercise.
    • BluePrint led us in 20 SSHs.  AYE!
    • Daddy’s Girl led us in 20 Grass Grabbers.  AYE!
    • Flamingo (DR) led us in T Merkins.  AYE!  Welcome to Louisville!
  • Instructions for Thang 1 sounded something like this: “OK.  Pair up.  Quickly.  Get on the curb.  P1 does a Mary exercise of his choice.  P2 runs or Bernie Sanders across lot, then does 5 Merkins or 3 Burpees, and then runs or Bernie Sanders back, and switcheroo for like 4 or 5 rounds.”
    • I was trying to show how crappy instructions could confuse the PAX, fragment the group, and lead to a position of disadvantage.  Of course the boys of F3 Louisville can overcome everything, and they kind of settled in to a rhythm.  Well Done.  I stopped the group after about 2 minutes.
    • Then I stressed how simplicity and clarity is always better.  For example:  The Burpee Mile.  12 burpees, run around the school, 4 times.  Sump Pump said “yes, for example”.  I said “yes, that’s what we are doing”.  This was a proper Thang 1, and the PAX got after it!  T-Claps to Amelia for pushing with me.
  • Thang 2 over to the coupon garden.  We talked about each of the 5 core principles, and the importance of each as we did (all IC) coupon curls, coupon thrusters,  coupon presses, coupon leg lifts, coupon bench presses, coupon American hammers, and coupon V-Ups for the finale.  And that’s time boys.
  • COR, NOR, Announcements, and intentions.
  • Prayers of gratitude, prayers for the sick/sad/lonely.
  • Zima broke out his mad closing skills and signed up just about everyone for a Q in Nov-Dec.  Check the calendar and sign up.

Be a leader wherever you are.

I’ve said it a million times.  I really value what we have here.  This group means a lot to me.  The individuals in this group mean a lot to me.  Even Mouth if he is still reading.

~Old Bay


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