The Silo – North Posh – Back Blast – 10/22/18

The crisp, cool air made for a great morning yesterday at North Posh. We kicked off Q school week and also managed to get in a pretty good workout. The groups at North Posh as of late have been a lot smaller than over the Summer. I’m not sure what the reason is or if there is a reason but it’s actually not bad. The small groups have given us a chance to connect a little better during the workout and get to know each a little better than you might otherwise.

I started the workout with the Mission statement: To plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. Maybe the small group is actually ideal! 🙂

We then proceeded to warm-up: 20 SSG, 20 Grass Grabbers, 20 Copperhead Squats. We followed that with two burpee/name circles and a run down the front hill to Shelbyville with a Bernie Sanders back up the hill. Once we were all back to the top, we started out on lap down to the pit and back up to the original meeting point. Prior to leaving, we covered the first core principle of F3. Along the route, we made a few stops and covered a core principle at each stop. The 1st stop we did a descending push-up ladder with 10 pushups, then plank and a 10 count, 9 pushups then plank and a 9 count, etc. The 2nd stop we utilized the same ladder format but changed over to Bobby Hurley’s and substituted the plank with a squat and held the squat for the count(this was a real burner).

Once we returned to the parking lot we retrieved the “coupons”(yes coupons at North – actually they are rocks) and started the 2nd Thang. We found our way to ledges under to roof of the structure and did a 2 minute AMRAP of burpees with a squat jump onto the ledge. Following the 2 minutes we ran down the path to the benches and then returned. Next, we did step-ups with the “coupons” and added an overhead press at the top. We did that for 2 minutes and then ran back down to the benches.

We then made our way to the flag for COT.

Intentions: Banana Bread, Bob Ross family, Abacus M and Vince.

Announcements: Convergence/Food drive

As always, it was an honor to lead the group. I look forward to the opportunity to do so again.





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