10/29 Backblast North Posh #theSilo #pumpingiron

Doing my best Grinder impersonation, I’m in the middle of 4 Q’s in a three week span.  Catfish and I agreed to trade Q’s at each other’s normal site a few weeks back.  He took the TOG last Thursday at the O and I had the Silo for today.  I had only posted once out there and knew that hill was an absolute monster.  You gotta use that right?  Let’s just see…

Weather – 45 at my home in the city, 40 at the North Posh.  Clear and crisp

Q – OJ

PAX – McAfee, Kilo, Catfish, Chapo (DR)

I had threw out there in my preblast that I needed PAX to bring weight (ruck plates, kettlebells, etc.).  Let’s pump some iron.

Short mosey down the road and back to the parking lot to warm up


25 SSHs IC

20 Abe Vigotas IC

20 Merkins IC

Thang 1 – Partners on the wall

P1: 30 Box Jumps

P2: Coupon Bench Press AMRAP

P1: 20 Dips

P2: Coupon Squats AMRAP

P1: 20 Derkins

P2: Holding Coupon Rosalitas AMRAP

Ace & Garys, 20 Big Boys with the weight on your chest, switch up

Thang 2

A week or two ago, I Google Earth looked at a topical view of the North Posh.  Wait, what’s that?  A perfect neighborhood located just behind Miles Community Garden?  Yes please.  So Saturday after the Convergence, I drove over to take a peek.  This is literally 100 yards from the shovel location.  It’s well-lit and yes, it still has hills.

We took the coupons over there to continue.

P1: Runs down the hill maybe 50 yards or so and completes 5 burpees, runs back

P2: Coupon Curls AMRAP, switch repeat

P1: Runs the hill, 5 burpees, runs back

P2: Coupon overhead presses AMRAP, switch repeat

P1: Runs the hill, 5 burpees, runs back

P2: Coupon Rows, alternate hands AMRAP, switch repeat

P1: Runs the hill, 5 burpees, runs back

P2: Coupon Squats AMRAP, switch repeat

P1: Runs the hill, 5 burpees, runs back

P2: Coupon front raises AMRAP, switch repeat

Head back to the start

Thang 3, Sorry not sorry

Wasn’t planning on this as I didn’t think everyone would have access today to a coupon but since we only had 5, LET’S GOOOOOOO (Kilo voice)

Coupon Webzzzz

Overhead presses to Curls 1/4 to 10/40 wooooof

Two of us had 35lb plates, the other 3 were 30lb plates

After about 6/24, we had to take a few seconds between each set.

We made it to 10/40 and my arms were/are on fire.  That’s 220 curls for those scoring at home.

With a minute to spare… you guessed it.

25 Dying Cockroaches IC 😊

COR/NOR – heck I don’t think we even did COR or NOR.  We actually discussed that while getting big numbers at workouts is nice, sometimes a small group just works better.  I had fun leading this one and it was tough.  I really like the neighborhood, it opens up tons of new possibilities.

Thankful for the Convergence and what was done to help those at Wayside.

Led us out in prayer to the Heavenly Father above.


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