Convergence: Hold the Line 10.27.18 BackBlast




Q’s: McAfee, Nino, Diablo, Wham!, Worm, & Zartan

PAX: (91 including 7 FNGs) Grinder, Giligan, Fungi, Lady Bird (R), Meter Maid, Big Bird, Amelia, Freon, Noxeema Jackson, Catfish, Milton, Rih Rih, Kilo, Face, Dry Rub, Skid, Fergie, Shuttlecock (R), Tony Malito, Weedwacker, Pork Chop, Jake from State Farm (R), Jolly Rancher, Fun Dip, Vincent (R), Daddy’s Girl, Momma’s Boy, Methane, Maxi, Bob Ross, Cher (R), Jitterbug (R), Barney Fife, Windshield, Jambalaya, Huggies, Old Bay, Gillispie, OJ, Scuba Steve, Meatball, Gepetto, Snow Day, Hot Wheels, Blueprint, Captain Insane-O, Piggy, Drysdale, Forced Close (R), Alexa, Bulletin (R), Double Down (R), Crockpot, April (R), Iceman (R), Woody, Blart, PK, Cowboy, Flounder, Little Jerry (R), Dewey, Red Roof, Zima, Lil Smokey, Layers, Drumroll, Plumb Bob, Tiger, Sump Pump, Miyagi, Nice & Slow, Deep Dish, Retainer, Snowman, Gypsy, Abacus, Glen Ross, Mankini (FNG), LEGO (FNG), Dinger (FNG), Ponzi (FNG), Putt Putt (FNG), Dingo (FNG), Pondarosa (FNG)

Its October…we had a Convergence in April & another Convergence in July (both with a substantial reason) so what’s the point of this one? Simply put, to hold the line. As of 10.31.17 roughly 215 men had come to an F3Louisville workout at least one time. Fast forward almost a year & that number has almost tripled to roughly 620! As of 10.31.17 F3Louisville had (3) AOs with (10) total set workouts per week. Again, fast forward a year & that number has tripled to (9) AOs with twice as many total set workouts per week (20) & generally multiple BlackOps. This is substantial growth & is a testament to the impact F3 is having on the lives of men throughout the Louisville Metro. Do you really think 80-90 men are going to work out on a Tuesday morning at 0530 outside, in the rain, just because they want to get in shape? Come on…we ALL know F3 is more than that. Our insight into knowing this is why we tell others about F3…why we invite others to JOIN US at F3.

Since we’re being honest here we also know it’s A LOT easier to HL an FNG to a workout with the weather forecast being 70 degrees & 0% chance of rain vs 20 degrees & 70% chance of sleet/flurries. McAfee & I wanted to get as many PAX as possible together to reinforce what brought us all ITG to begin with as the adversity of winter quickly approaches. This is why Q School Week was scheduled across the board at all AOs with the Site Qs leading the workouts. This is why we had a Convergence today, to reinvigorate each of you…to hold the line & keep the momentum through the winter. With that being said, here’s how this morning went:

Weather: Gloomy…47 degrees with a consistent light drizzle.

Gearlander: McAfee – Grey Nike hat, Neon Yellow Lightweight jacket, & awesome Howling Wolf Jogging pants (see below). Nino – Neon Yellow Buff, Black Dri Fit F3 Louisville shirt, & awesome Pineapple Jogging Pants (see below). These pants were an influence of Kilo, they’re amazingly terrible & awesome at the same time. Only $8.88 at Walmart, which Captain Insane-O said is overpaying…we’ll let you decide.



McAfee got things going by thanking the PAX for coming out & reviewing the 5 Core Principles of F3:

F3 Workouts…

  1. Are free of charge
  2. Are open to all men
  3. Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
  4. Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
  5. End with a Circle of Trust

Each of the first 4 Core Principles would be spoken to by a designated Q at each station of the workout. The 5th Core Principle was to be covered at the end of the workout. With that things got underway.


  • McAfee: (20) Side Straddle Hops IC
  • Nino: (20) Imperial Walkers IC
  • McAfee: (20) Copperhead Squats IC
  • Nino: (20) Abe Vigoda’s IC

The PAX counted off into fours to determine groups & were then instructed where to begin along with the flow of where to go to after each station. The PAX disbursed to their designated starting station & received instruction from the Station Q of the workout details. Each Station Q designed a 10-minute workout that started simultaneously on McAfee & Nino’s signal. At the end of the 10 minutes, Nino & McAfee signaled to halt & rotate to the next station. The Station Q instructed the new group of PAX & the 10 minutes started again…so on & so on for four 10-minute sub workouts for all of the PAX.


Station 1 Q: Wham!

Core Principle: F3 workouts are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold.

Workout: Mary…


  • 30-second plank
  • 30-second forearm plank
  • (10) Merkins IC
  • Return to plank & perform (10) left leg Peter Parkers/Mountain Climbers IC
  • (10) Merkins IC
  • 10-second plank
  • Recover

Rinse & repeat switching to right leg Peter Parkers/Mountain Climbers IC

Jack Webb (as much as possible until 10-minute duration was called)

  • Big Boy Sit-Ups
  • Rosalita’s

Station 2 Q: Worm

Core Principle: F3 workouts are free of charge.

Workout: There was (1) cone placed at the bottom of each side of the bridge & (1) cone placed at the apex of the bridge, which is where the PAX met. The group was split into two halves with each half being assigned to a side of the bridge.

Round 1

  • (5) Jump Squats at the apex of the bridge
  • Lunge Walk down to the bottom of the bridge
  • (5) Burpees at the bottom of the bridge
  • Run back to the apex of the bridge

Round 2

  • (5) Jump Squats at the apex of the bridge
  • Bear Crawl down to the bottom of the bridge
  • (5) Burpees at the bottom of the bridge
  • Run back to the apex of the bridge

Rinse & repeat for the 10-minute duration.

Station 3 Q: Zartan

Core Principle: F3 workouts are open to all men.

Workout: Tabata with four different exercises. Give all effort for 1-minute for each exercise & then take 10 seconds to recover before going into the next exercise…so on & so forth.

  • Exercise 1: T-Merkins for 1-minute
  • 10 seconds recovery
  • Exercise 2: Squats for 1-minute
  • 10 seconds recovery
  • Exercise 3: Bonnie Blairs (jump lunges) for 1-minute
  • 10 seconds recovery
  • Exercise 4: Burpees for 1-minute
  • 10 seconds recovery
  • AYG sprint to cone roughly 80 yards out & mosey back

Begin back at Exercise 1, rinse & repeat for the 10-minute duration.

Station 4 Q: Diablo

Core Principle: F3 workouts are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary.

Workout: Coupons…

Round 1

  • (10) Full Halos
  • (5) Manmakers
  • 10 seconds recovery

Round 2

  • (10) Coupon Swings
  • 5 Manmakers
  • 10 seconds recovery

Round 3

  • (10) Strict Coupon Curls
  • (5) Manmakers
  • 10 seconds recovery

Round 4

  • (10) Thrusters
    • PAX held the squat at the bottom until Diablo said: “Up!”

At 0800 McAfee & Nino signaled to halt from the last 10-minute interval & head back to the flag for COT.


COR – 91 PAX including 7 FNGs…incredible.

NOR – Not surprising, but this took significantly longer than usual…4 minutes 26 seconds. Following NOR the 7 FNGs stepped forward, told the PAX about themselves, & awaited their fate. I don’t think they got it bad: 

  1. Will Logan was given “Mankini” because ran a marathon in Europe wearing one of these.
  2. Neil Sisloff was given “LEGO” because sells bricks. 
  3. Brett Corley was given “Dinger” because he only dropped bombs on the diamond in little league.
  4. Caleb Vogelsing was given “Ponzi” because he works in sells…Ponzi scheme.
  5. Matt Feldman was given “Putt-Putt” because he played golf professionally for several years. 
  6. Will Cantlenor was given “Dingo” because he moved to Louisville 6-8 months ago from Sydney, Australia. 
  7. Jason Padgett was given “Ponderosa” because he’s from out West & his father works in the cattle industry.

The PAX welcomed these men to F3 & let them know moving forward these are the names they would go by…forever.


  • Nino informed the PAX the BlackOps that has been taking place at Norton Commons since April-May is an official AO effective immediately. “Pleasantville” is the chosen name of the new AO & for now will continue to have a workout named “Wisteria” on Fridays from 0530 – 0615. Nino then gave the designated Site Q, Grinder, a blank shovel flag for Pleasantville (kindly made by Kilo) to be designed/decorated as the AO see fit.
  • I forgot to say it at the time, but Happy Birthday Diablo!

Intentions: Due to the number of PAX in attendance McAfee put it to the SkyQ asking he hear all our intentions, although unsaid. 

With that, the PAX headed to the gazebo for some coffee (thank you Nugget, we missed you) along with breakfast…biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs, fruit, & orange juice from The Block Gourmet Deli. Based on the beat down given by Diablo, Wham!, Worm, & Zartan this was well deserved. 

With every Convergence or Monthly Ruck event, there is always a 3ndF component & this Convergence was no different. Over the past two weeks leading up to today, we’ve collected food donations to give to the Wayside Christian Mission. In the ten months, I’ve been involved with F3Louisville I’ve witnessed & participated in multiple demonstrations of servantship, but it continues to amaze me none the less every time. As excited & proud as I am about the growth of F3Louisville, it pales in comparison to how I felt assisting in loading 2-3 SUVs of food for those in need. PAX of F3Louisville, this is something special & in my eyes a defining characteristic of what makes each of you a HIM. It’s always an honor & humbling experience to lead the PAX, but this one will be hard to forget.

Thank You,


McAfee & Nino out.


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