#Kiloween Backblast #TheTank


Last night YHC had put the candy away and the children in bed.  Just in time to sit down and enjoy a pour of my favorite brown water.  Door bell rings.   Apparently, after hours is when the big kids trick or treat.  As you can see a strangely familiar Wolverine kid was said doorbell ringer.

I decided I’d give the Kiooween pax a trick rather than a treat this morning.  Because I wanted so bad to see Malito do burpees In that ridiculous costume, Burpees were in store.

YHC costume – Kilo tuxedo

Basically normal swag with suspenders and a bow tie.  Neon compression shirt and 3/4 tights.  Blue GoRuck ranger panties covering the boys.  White suspenders and black chip n dales bow tie.




worm (hates burpees)

short stack



round up




hot wheels








20 mtn climbers

20 Peter parkers

20 hillbillies

30 SSH


time for the tricks

pax partner up with someone near your fitness level to push your partner.

with your partner complete the following work

10 burpees

10 lateral jump burpees

10 broad jump burpees

10 plank jack burpees

10 180 twist burpees


mosey down to hill and around bottom ball field and back up.


Rinse and repeatoo X3

total 150 burpees!!!!


circle up for ab o Rama kilo style about 10 minutes of non stop beat em up abs.


finishin move 10 BOyOs where I told the pax of anyone finishes before YHC I would do 10 more.  Carlosé apparently finished before me…..skeptical I agreed but asked him to race me again.  Have him show you his burpee form next time you see him.  Let’s just say he urpees….



basically cancer sucks


Love y’all!








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