10/31/2018 Blender BackBlast

Pax 10–Grinder, Pepperoni, Chestnut, Glen Ross, Sump Pump, PED, Buschhhhh, Plumb Bob, Maize, Left Eye Q

Warm ups

  1. Run the new path
  2. Grab Coupon
  3. Circle up
    1. Imperial Walkers
    2. Side Straddle hops
    3. Down Dog
    4. Shoulder Circles

The theme was: Until Your Partner Returns.

It was Merkin mania, having teams of 2 complete a circuit while one does a set of Merkins.

While one mosey’d the circuit of: 5 Frog Hops; 5 pull-ups; 50 calf raises; the other did a Merkin type

  1. Merkin
  2. Abyss Merkin
  3. Derkin
  4. Ranger Merkin
  5. Double Merkin Burpee
  6. Dive bombers
  7. Wide Merkins
  8. Diamond Merkins

While doing this fine exercises; we discovered a special perfume that someone left on the Merkin area; YES it was barf! The smell seeped to each nose and left a lasting imprint in our nostrils the entire workout.

Finished with a round of Mary where each person chose a core exercise and we performed 5 reps…

Ended the day with a word of prayer focused on Gratitude; and I shared some insight on having us focus on our selves to re-charge our batteries so that we can become our best so we can give our best. Better disciples, better fathers, better husbands, better citizens.  Self-sacrifice is un-healthy; becoming our best so that we can give our best is what GOD intended SERVING others to look like, and NOT to deplete our tanks and run on EMPTY.  Discovering what re-charges your batteries is between you, your wife, and GOD and can/should range from more SEX to more of something/anything [healthy activities]; and frequency of these things should be discovered and discussed…

Left Eye

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