F3 – 10-31 The Bridge

Q – Iceman

Pax (13) Maxi, Bobross, Pewpew, Putt Putt, Abacus, Forced close, Jitterbug, Dynomite, Huggies, Mr. Kotter, Ladybird, Deep Dish, Iceman

Conditions – 64 and Paining

Gear – Calvin Klein jeans, Chippendale Style and a Beach Volleyball

No man left behind, but leave no man where you found him. Q challenged the Pax to strive to always Get Better.

Warmup – Mosey the Course – Butt Kicks, High Knees

Circle Up

– Grass Grabbers, Mountain Climbers/Calf Stretch, Arm Circles/Kendra Newmans, Merkin up/downs on my count.

Thang 1

3 Stations – 3 Partners

1) 4 Box – 5 Boyos, Ladder, Shuffle, Bound, Sprint

Mosey to Next Station

2) 1 to 5 Ratio – Merkin to Box Jumps/Step Ups

Bear Crawl/lunge to Next Station

3) 1 to 5 Ratio – Dips to Big Boy Situps

Mario to next station

Thang 2 – 3 Partners

Cone to Cone(cone mark halfway spot)

1 Foot Bounds – Cone Jumps, Flutter Kicks

Side Shuffle – Skaters, American Hammers


Bernie Sanders/sprint back, BOYOS


Plank w/shoulder tap

Degrees, Q call

Merkin up/downs on my count.

Copperhead Squat Jumps

Burpee Webb 5-10, burpees, 10-50 Airpresses


Prayers in silence and for Pope continued recovery. Special call out for all the great things in life and living in this great country. It’s always humbling and an honor to lead this great group of HIMs. Together today we all got Better!!! Ice out.

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