10.30.2018. Bag of Wrenches. Back Blast. Call me a college student. My BB is a week late.

As the headline shows….this assignment is overdue. I apologize for the inconvenience. I have been swamped with school assignments, USL Playoffs for Louisville City FC (I work there), and life. I was going to try and use the “My dog ate my homework!” excuse, but everything is online now so that doesn’t really work. Damn. Sucks to be a kid in school these days. Anyways…here is what happened:

PAX: 17 (2 FNGs & 1 F3 Memphis)

PAX: Escort, Mayberry, Flounder, Loco, Gellespi, Ponse, Wham!, Who Dey, Flojo, TRUMP,  Plum Bob, Tammy Faye Baker, Butcher, F3 Memphis Member (missed his name), Safelite (FNG), Sponge Bath (FNG), Miyagi (Q)


Introduction & Disclaimer

Long mosey around the tennis courts

-Toe touch
-Chicken wing
-Downward dog
-Michael Phelps
-10 x imperial walkers
-10 x abe vagodas.
-10 x grass grabbers
-5 x boyos

Thang 1:

Scout run
-10 second sprint
-3 x boyo

Thang 2:

-25 x curls
-25x rows
-25 x military press for rounds 1-3/ Squats for rounds 4&5
-25 x bench press

Thang 3:

5-1,1 -5 turned into 1-3,5-3

-Halos 1-3 & man makers 5-3

-10 x Flutter Kick IC
-10 x American Hammers IC
-10 x LBC IC
-13 (for Halloween) x BB
-10 x rosalitas
-10 x davincis

Cot :
Announcements — Flounder is doing High & low intensity Qs this week. Specializing on bad knee friendly exercises, so bring out your FNGs who don’t come because “I have a bad knee”

img_20180926_1322078321544476875703866.jpgPrayer intentions — TFB: Ashley the 7th grade girl found out she is cancer free; Loco: Coach Thompkins at Trinity is facing cancer and receiving treatment.


Sponge bath

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