11.01.2018 Back Blast: Temple of Gloom

Alas, I finally get a Q at the O, site of my initial workout.  10 strong showed up for a beat down (Ponzi, Scuba Steve, Violet, OJ, Tammy Faye Baker, Captain Insane-O, Gillispie, Star Child, Face, Flo Jo) in what was expected to be pouring rain.  Shout to to all for braving the elements!

Started with a mosey over to the school parking lot, as I adopted the first half of my workout from one of my favorite posts.  In fact, it was my third ever post, and Red Roof led us through what he termed “Star Fish”.  So, we moseyed to the school for a quick warm up:

SSH x 15 (IC), 3 BOYOs

Imperial Walkers x 15 (IC), 4 Boyos

Grass Grabbers x 15 (IC), 5 Boyos

Moseyed back to the tennis courts, picked up some coupons along the way.

Thang 1:  Star Fish

All PAX start in the center of the four tennis courts (that is the odd location).  Each corner represents evens.  Odd was always Merkins, start with 1, then run to a corner and do 2 reps of that exercise, then back to the middle for 3 Merkins, then to the next corner for 4….you get the idea.  Up to 25.  We split into two groups, and the workout was on.  One push, then each corner comprised of Coupon Squats, Coupon Overhead Press, LBC’s (backfarts) and Groiners.

10 count after 25 merkins, then a quick round of Mary:

15 American Hammers (IC), 10 Big Boys, 15 Gas Pumps (IC), 10 Big Boys

Thang 2:  Flo Jo Special

Moseyed over to Cogan’s Cove (apparently that is what it is called), for a repeat of my first Q.  Roughly 40 yard hill, series of Lunge Walks, Bear Crawls, Bernie Sanders, Crawl Bears (WOOF!).  Went through two series, quick 10 count, and one more series.

Back to the outer track for one all-out with a partner back to the flag.  Realized we had a few more minutes.  Take the coupons back, and circle up for a short round of choose your Mary.  Quick few exercises, and we were through for the day.

Don’t let the rain scare you away!  No mud, just a good old beat down in the Gloom!

Flo Jo

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