11/5 #NorthPosh Backblast #Kilofallhard

79FAE4E2-2EDC-4C97-8727-1FC92FDF86CBSo this story is going to be much better than the actual write up on my Q at North Posh this morning.

Weinke, check

F3 workout cards, check (thanks starchild)

weight or coupon for all pax, check

run route for when an Ace is drawn out of the card deck.  NOPE

So, YHC arrived a bit early to mark out a route for the run portion of my deck of cards.

In the DARK I quickly determined we would make a mosey down the bike path and jump over to the road about 150 yards down the path to head back up to the parking lot.  Seemed simple, right.

It was DARK

To show PAX the route we would take, after COT I lead the pax down the bike path (yellow line below).


I thought the wire barrier ended just before it actually did.  YHC confidently attempted to cut across to the road to head back up when I was immediately humbled.

DROPPED, laughing ensued.  Fingers were pointed, insults were hurled.  Cmon man!!  It was DARK!  I literally saved the PAX from making the same mistake.  YHC played it off perfectly, let everyone know I meant to trip over the wires so they wouldn’t make that mistake.   I saved them from injury.  I put myself ahead of the PAX.  Simple!

They wouldn’t be laughing long.  All had a TON of work in front of them.








nice n slow

cat fish






Deck o Cards

Odd                Even

Hearts        Burpees         Mtn. Climbers

Clubs           Hammers      Flutter kicks

Diamond      Thrusters    Front raises

Spades          Squats           Lunges

Aces wild – make the run but stay away from the wire barrier.




Love y’all



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