11.07.18 – The Tank – BackBlast

Not sure how or why we ended up with a Worm and Hot Wheels Co Q but it turned out to be a decent WorkOut.

We did fail at one thing, I had a goal to end with a name for SnowDay’s giant Tractor Tire. It’s a beast. Lots of fun though. Great change of pace. There were a few suggestions some pretty good ones at that, but nothing that felt right. Next time it comes out we must name it like an FNG. Enough about the damn tire. But seriously it’s fun.

16 Pax: Rih Rih, Nugget, Vincent(R), Tony Malito, Aerobie(R), Wham, SnowDay, Drysdale, Diablo, Bob Ross, PK, Flounder, Peek a boo, Nino, Worm(Co Q), and Hot Wheels (Co Q)

5:29 hit a quick disclaimer and the Pax was off to grab mini coupons and lap around the parking lot dropping off coupons at mid point for later. A very quick COP since we had a lot to do. 20 SSHs and 5 Boyos(Worms favorite).

Thang 1: Pax lined up at one end of the lot. We would take a turn flipping the tire to the mid point, everyone else was either lunge waking or bear crawling to and from the mid point. At each turn we did burpees. 1st turn 1 burpee, 2nd turn 2 burpees, and so one. You get the idea. That tire is a beast. Some great team work along the way. Way to pick each other up fellas.

Thang 2: Worm took over and we moseyed over to where we dropped off the mini coups. He led us through the following:

6 Sets

10 Coupon Merkins

10 Shoulder Presses

10 Reverse Curls

10 Side Raises


3 Sets

10 Second Front Holds

10 Triceps Extensions

10 Wide Coupon Merkins

10 Second Coupon Declines

Like usual, I had to bail at 6:10. So I’m sure there were some intentions for all, but since I wasn’t there I will ask you all here to keep my family in your thoughts. My grandmother (she is 105 and a badass) fell and has been in the hospital since Sunday night. She has had some ups and downs but at her age it is very tough.

I appreciate the opportunity to lead a fine group of men. Until next time.

– HW

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