BackBlast – Temple of Gloom #theO 11/8/18 – Gemini Q (Pittsburgh)

It was dark and the temperature was between 34F and 36F depending on which clump of muddy grass you grabbed in the gloom for a guest Q from Gemini (Pittsburgh).
15 PAX posted:
Red Roof
Captain insane-O
Basic Bro (from Michigan)
Star child
Flo JO
FNG (Butterfly)
Abacus (thank you for the assistance in doing a guest Q)
Gemini (Q)
the Warm O Rama
The Q promised to warm things up and started with the motivator: calf raise, lower movement of SSH, full SSH IC counted as one, one, one. One two, one two, one two.  One two Three…..and so on.  We went up to 7 and back down to one.  Then we did trident push ups where the right knee goes to right elbow then push up, right knee between the legs then push up, right knee under to left elbow then push up for a 6 count when doing right leg then left leg.  We did 3 full 6 count trident push up movements.
The thing: mosey over to the field behind the tennis courts for boot leg metabolic conditioning.  BOOTS stand for Burpees, Overhead squats, Oblique baby crunches (OBC’s), Tuck jumps, Shoulder taps from high plank.  The count was 25,25, 25 to each side, 25, 25 to each shoulder. Each round was ended with a 150 yard run (not a mosey)  The goal was 4 rounds (claps for McAfee who completed 5 full rounds)  While McAfee rested with a plank the rest of us took one more hard run for the 150 yards.  I hope most of the PAX got an Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) burn this morning.
There was roughly 4 minutes left for some ab work to include holding legs 6 inches off ground, bicycle crunches, leg lifts and 20 dirty dogs to each side on your own.
As the Q I got to name the FNG who enjoys sailing and while mentioning types of knots said butterfly and thus he was named BUTTERFLY.
It is a humble honor to be a part of the F3 family and to be able to work out with the Louisville group this morning was a great start to the day.

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