Back Blast – County Black Ops – 11/10/2018


Cold Call
Meter Maid
Parking Ticket [2.0]
Fun Dip [2.0]
Big Bird
The Boot [FNG] [2.0]
Whambulance [FNG]
Jolly Rancher [QIC]


A brisk 23 degrees with a 61% humidity.  Snow was spotted on the roof of nearby buildings.


Under Armour pretty much everything.  Layers of it.  Lots and lots of Under Armour layers.

I arrived about 20 minutes early to scout the surroundings to make sure my plan would work – having posted a couple dozen times to the County it’s amazing how much I don’t really pay attention.  As I roll to the back parking lot, I see PK waiting in the comforts of his warm car.  After a little set up, the PAX started to slowly emerge from their slumber.

Time was called; announcements were made; nobody left – I must have done something right.  For my VQ, I wanted it to be special.  So, today’s workout was dedicated to my son, Samuel Hack, who passed away in March 2018 at the age of 4.  To honor him, I decided to spell his name to start off the weinke.

But first, it was cold so we mosey…around to the front of the church to behind the chapel.


S – SSH IC – IC – x25
A – Abe Vigodas IC – IC – x20
M – Monkey Humpers – IC – x15

Thang 1 – Mosey to round up some coupons.

U – Upright Rows – IC – x20
E – Elf on the Shelf – x10 each arm [these looked easier on paper]
L – Lincoln Bridge and Reverse London Bridge – 1 minute each
H – Heavy Freddies – 1 minute

Return coupons to the coupon stash.  At this point, the 2.0s had given up…second guessing why their dads pulled them out of bed for this.

Thang 2 – Mosey to the back parking lot and partner up.

Dora – 1-2-3 – Cumulatively between the partners complete 100 merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 squats.  Partner 1 begins and Partner 2 ran to the other island on the opposite side of the back parking lot.  Once complete, PAX assisted others in their counts.

Thang 3 Ultimate Frisbee

At first, a dropped pass or an interception led to 5 burpees; however, by the third or fourth possession it was modified just just a single [note to self, need to practice frisbee throwing and catching].  Team effort here because Meter Maid randomly had some yellow jerseys in his car.  Much easier to find teammates this way.

Things went well until Airplane scored the first goal for his team and proceeded to celebrate by throwing the frisbee to the ground…which was already a cold plastic frisbee…on the asphalt parking lot…in 23 degree weather.  I didn’t count the pieces that it exploded in to, but needless to say it was toast.  Never fear – Meter Maid is here!  The man is like a boy scout and is always prepared.  So he rescued Airplane [and my weinke] with another frisbee from his car.  We continued, lost track of the score, and time was getting close.

Mary – I think everyone thought we were over, but I had one more trick up my sleeve to keep everyone warm.

Fire Drill – Each PAX yells “fire” and then everyone drops to their stomach, rolls 360 degrees to the right, does a merkin, rolls 360 degrees back to the left, another merkin and up on your feet.  Rinse and repeat until each PAX had the opportunity to yell “fire.”

Church bells started ringing as the last PAX survived the fire.


Circled around the flag.

Name-o-rama – started and ended with 13.

Named our two new FNGs – The Boot, which is a 2.0 of Meter Maid as well as Whambulance [because he hates when people whine].

Announcements were made, including the two upcoming rucks led by Huggies [honoring a local veteran and collecting coats for Wayside Christian Mission] and Abacus.

Intentions were made.

Closed in a quick prayer that God gives us the strength to continue fighting the challenges and the circumstances that we continually face on a daily basis; wisdom as we navigate the decisions in this thing called life; and, patience to lead the life that He calls us to lead.

Humbled to lead these HIMs today.  PAX were rewarded with a Jolly Rancher candy for their efforts.

Jolly out.

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