The Fog Back Blast 11/10/18

Weather clear and cold 24 degrees.  58% humidity.  A little windy.

PAX – Lady Bird (R), Drive-thru (R, FNG), Retainer, Iceman (R), Meatball, Bear (2.0), Mr Cotter, Huggies (Q)

Coldest day for me this winter so far.  Below freezing.



20 Imperial walkers IC

20 hillbilly squats in IC

Arm circles

20 Mt Climbers IC

Plank calf stretches

Mosey to the coupon parking lot

The Thang

“Beat the Parents Trivia”  I had a stack of trivia cards from the “beat the parents” trivia game.  It has trivia questions for adults and trivia questions for kids.   I made another stack of cards with exercises.  The exercise on the left side of the card was harder and would be completed if the PAX got the question wrong.  The exercise of the right side of the card was easier and would be completed if the PAX got the question right.

Hard Exercises consisted of – 40 yard wind sprints X 6.  80 yard Bear crawl.  20 coupon tuck jumps.  30 normal tuck jumps.  50 coupon jumps. 80 yard coupon run.  Quarter mile run around the loop.  25 burpees. 30 Hand release merkins.

Easy exercises consisted of  – 10 air squats, 5 burpees, 30 calf raises, 40 yard sprint and mosey back, 10 Bobby Hurleys, 10 Big boy sit ups, 20 SSH IC.

Needless to say we ended up doing more hard exercises then easy exercises.

Retainer, after getting his question right, chose to do the harder exercise of 40 coupon flutter kicks IC.  “We don’t get up for easy”  I think he said.

We put away the coupons and moseyed back to the flag.  It was a good thing because my 2.0 was over the cold weather.  Father of the year award goes to me for not making sure he had gloves and also not making sure he knows his Roman numerals (prior trivia question)


We welcomed our FNG Drive-thru (R)

Announcements – Veterans day ruck tomorrow.  Abacus November ruck  Friday the 16th. Thanksgiving day posh and the county convergence with burpee football.  January 25th F3 2018 awards night.


Veterans day tomorrow.  Be sure to thank a veteran.

Huggies out.





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