Back Blast – Black Ops @ the “O” 11/12

If you read the pre-blast, I planned a (loosely based) basketball themed workout.  I did not come with an O.J. stack of facts, just a timer and my Wienke.

PAX – Gepetto, Glen Ross, Seabass (strong getting up on a Monday when school is out), Nugget, Buschhhhh, Fergie and Q – Vincent.

Took the short mosey around to the set of single tennis courts for our warmup.  Standard –  SSH’s, Grassgrabbers, Downward Dog calf stretches and Cobra.

Thang 1 – used shot clock for a Tabatha work out.  We all grabbed a coupon and went back to the court for Over head press, Curls, tricep  merkins on block,  Rows and squats.  Ran through this cycle twice for good measure.

Thang 2 – we went over to the 4 court area next to the FIA gals for some 4 corner you vs you.  Corner 1 – 20 merkins, corner 2 – 20 SS Squats, Corner 3 – 20 Carolina Dry Docks and corner 4 – 20 lunges.  Simple sprint between each corner.  We ran through this cycle for about 15 minutes.  Sweat was flowing pretty good at this point.

Wrap up included some plank work for core finished by Pretzel crunches, heel touch crunches, and flutter kicks.

Back to the flag for announcements and intentions.  Friday night ruck the 16th,  and the first ever F3 Lou awards event in January.

Prayers to the sky Q and thanks for the PAX that showed up to start the week off right.

Until next time – SYITG


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