B.B. – BO HEAVY Worm Q – The Tank 11/12

10 PAX got absolutely after it this AM! It was the 1st of many HEAVY BO’s at The Tank. We had 25#/30#/35# KettleBells, 35#:45# Olympic Plates, Ruck Plates, Coupons, and a Battle Rope covering 1/8 the parking lot. Pain found each member of the PAX and a humility burrito was served at all.

PAX- Tony Malito, HotWheels, Sadie, Diablo, McAfee, Kilo, MeatBall, SnowDay, WeedWhacker, Worm (Q)

It was the first HEAVY F3 WO for most of the PAX, including myself. So our Disclaimer was highlighted. The importance of comfortable weight and good form was driven home. It’s cool to add inches to your arms, but hard to do with a bad back.

Thang #1

Super Set, Two Rounds – Partner Spot

Weighted Merkins to Failure

90# – 45# – No Weight

Weighted Chest Presses to Failure

90# – 45#

Super Set 3 Rounds; 10x each arm

One Arm Kettlebell Shoulder Press

One Arm Kettlebell Lateral Raises

Thang #2

Originally had 5 stations planned, 10 PAX made me think on the fly.

Circuit Training @ each Station – 1 Min Bombs

Coupon SuitCase Carry

Coupon Dips

30# KettleBell Swings

30# KettleBell Front Squats

Battle Rope Waves

30# KettleBell Deep Merkin’s

35# KettleBell Triceps Extension

45# Plate Shoulder Press

50# Dumbbell Curls


HIGHLIGHT- I asked Kilo for a ten count, Tony Malito delivered a shoulder mug and sang with a strong 10 to 1. Melted Ego oozed off of Kilo’s neon hoodie.

Thang #3

3 Sets Each, on Six –

Super Set -10x Plate Presses / 10x LBC w Plate

Super Set- 10x Plate Presses / 10x Flatter Kicks w Plate extended

We put back the Coupons at 06:15 and chewed on some protein bars.

COT – Major Thank You to Our Vets!

We picked up our toys and went home… sore but better.

Diablo has the Q next Monday! He promised to make my WO feel like a light summer breeze with a cold Zima. I challenge all to come out and get some. It’s a change of pace, and a damn good time.

Early Birds Got-


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