BB: 11/12/18.. The Incubator

It was great to see some new faces at the S. Posh this fine morning.. 33 degrees. perfect

Q: Glauc

PAX: jolly rancher, Mr. Cotter, Lady Bird (r), Fanny Pack (r), drive thru (r), pew pew, deep dish, methane, bob ross, nice and slow, jitterbug (r), iceman (r), dynomyte, viking, alexa, valdez

Mosey to fountain

Plank Stretching

“soul on fire” same ole on this one.. great warm up.  SSH entire song, burpee every “soul on fire”

Plank Stretching

Thang 1:  Fountain area = 7 box jumps , run down to bottom area, 7 T merkins, run back, rinse/repeat ” American Woman” Lenny Kravitz

30 sec interval training:  elbow Plank hold , High plank  one leg mountain climber, repeat other leg,  merkins, elbow plank hold, one leg mountain climber, repeat other leg

Thang 2:  Same squence as above except 7 Jump squats at top, 7 plank builds @ the bottom.. rinse/ repeat.  “I got a feeling”

back work.. 1 minute intervals in the song “Natural” Imagine Dragons>  1) Michael Phelps 2) pickle smashers/methane smashers/ supermans , whatever you call them 3) hammerheads.. back was feeling it.

Mosey back to flag.  Ab work until six joins…

“What a beautiful Name” done several times before .. a great push.  elbow plank entire song, move to high plank in chorus and do a merkin every descriptive name of THE Man.

Mr. cotter (I believe) gave a great chat on F3 and how much it has meant to him.. HIM right there.


Glauc OUT

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