11/26: The Silo, N. Posh .. beastmode? glaucmode? whatevemode

I was excited to q up something for the N. Posh.  In thinking about the “beastmode” workout, I tried to think about some of the things I normally did, just maybe ways to make them harder .  🙂

  1. Any workout at N. Posh is quite a bit tougher because of the terrain.. The hills there cannot be surpassed with any other AO in Louisville.  Simply running around the area is harder.

Glauc Q

PAX: Dunphy, Catfish, Jitterbug (R), Banana Hands (R) (FNG), Carlton, Huggies, Nino

Conditions: Windy, windy, snowy, breezy, windy..

mosey down to lower parking lot

COT: 30 SSH (IC), plank stretching, 15 SSH (IC)

Thang 1:

“Brother” needtobreathe.. similar routine to what I did at convergence this spring? or was it last fall?  i don’t know.  partners start at opposite sides about 40 yards away. Run to “middle”  8 boo ya merkins, bernie sanders back, 2 burpess (this should be at start point) repeat the entire song.

“Uptown Funk” Bruno Mars: Similar to above.  run to “middle” 8 Mexican jumping bean squats, bernie sanders back, 4 (2 pairs) jump lunges.  repeat the entire song.  Legs were toasty after this..

run to base of the incline entrance to the parking lot… 3 sets of AYG up the hill.. shew..

catch breath with plank streching .

Mosey to gazebo.

1:4 ratio  1 = Merkins  4= alternate between mountain climbers and shoulder taps

ie: 1 merkin, 4 mountain climbers :  2 merkins , 8 shoulder taps : 3 merkins , 12 Mountain climbers.. all the way to 10 :40… break after 6, 8 and 9.. shew.

1 minute supermans (methane smashers)  1 minute elbow plank hold

mosey back to parking lot

ab o rama (1 round)

Nice to see FNG  Banana Hands!

Intentions/ Prayer  Glauc OUT!


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