BackBlast 11/26 BlackOps at the O

PAX (12) Captain InsaneO, OJ, Backdraft, Buschhhh, PED, Fridge, Tron, Pepperoni, Trump (turned 45 today), Plumb Bob, Zartan, Glen Ross (Q)

Conditions: 36 cloudy and windy, feels like 25 with some light wintry mix

I was on the fence on this Q because I pulled a Clark Griswald and fell of the ladder yesterday afternoon.  Lucky, I just fell into a bush and only issue was a sore back.  So I put up the ladder for the day and went inside and had my 7 year old walk on my back for 20 minutes + 2 pints of Sierra Nevada Pale a/k/a myQjuice and I was ready to go.  Also noticed some pre-mumblechatter on slack which got me even more pumped up—CI was on-board, so I decided to work in some tunes for the WO

Wasn’t sure about the turnout and got there early to survey the fields and tennis courts. Fields—too wet, but tennis courts were mostly dry.  Turnout was awesome today and was great to see so many guys out on Monday (a lot of vets as well as a few of the newer guys).  Also, TClaps to FiA with a good showing too

5:30: Disclaimer and off for quick mosey around the tennis courts.  It was much colder than I thought and would need to call a few audibles

First was to scrap the COP I had planned, just didn’t want the guys standing around too much today.  So instead we did a quick burpee suicide—stopping at each tennis court 2,4,6,8 and Bernie Sanders back after each set.  This only takes about 4 minutes but is an effective warm-up and good way to knock out 20 burpees

Thang1: Exit the park and meet up Cogan’s Ct.  At the top of Cogan’s we would do 20 Gorilla Squats, then run down to the bottom for 3 burpees, then back up the other street (not sure the name of this one) and knock out 20 lunges.  Repeat this 3 times with increasing Burpees at the bottom from 3, 5, 7 and 9 and if you finish early plank and wait for the 6.  Knocked out 4 sets(?) and before heading back to the top of the hill decided to run right into the wind and mosey down to the stone bridge.  Started with 20 dips, 20 inclines, and 20 declines. Repeat-O, but cut the reps to 10 as a cool down.  Mosey back up to the street and then bear crawl up to the top of the court for another 20 Gorilla Squats

Thang2: Re-enter the park and mosey back to the tennis courts for tunes and some mary.   Did 20 V-Ups, then 20 Gas Pumps IC.   Next wanted to do a V-Up/ Gas Pump Webb, so turned on the tunes and got busy. YHC was smoked halfway through (after 5/20) and as I told Zartan my body wasn’t wanting to do any more V-Ups.  If you can’t do it, don’t Q it so changed out the Webb to Big Boys and LBCs and we all finished at 10/40.  Still had 6 minutes left so we did one more set of tennis court suicides.  First one was V-Ups at each court—2,4,6,8.  Waited for the 6 and then did Gas Pump suicide, on the way back stopping with 5/10/15 and ending with 20. Mosey back to the flag and ended right at 6:15

COT: Announcements: December Ruck on Friday night 12/21—also heard Zartan will be wearing full Santa gear too (I actually just made this up, but i’m sure he would do it if he can get 30 HCs), so make sure you HC now.  Also, PED mentioned the need for Q’s as we continue w/ BlackOps at the O on Mondays.  If interested in Q’ing, sign up or shoot PED a message on slack

Intentions: CI provided the group with update on Double Down. He’s a beast and we are all praying for you DD

Prayer: Gave thanks for life’s many blessings

You never know what’s going to happen in the Gloom, but its always a great time and I’m humbled to lead.  If you have been out for a while, come back—there is no better way to start the day.  I appreciate everyone’s effort today and thank you all for pushing me. Lastly, I failed to mention this but getting up early and knocking out a workout takes discipline and tremendous effort.  Make sure you apply this to your work life too and get in and crush the difficult things as early as possible!


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