The Agony Back Blast 11/29/18

Weather – cloudy 31 degrees.  63% humidity.  Some light rain at the very end

PAX(25) – Wildflower, Fungi, Momma’s Boy, Gilligan, Crockpot, Frosted Tips(FNG), Nino, Viking, Kilo, Bagger(FNG), Bulletin(R), Airplane, Cochran, Big Bird, Pew Pew, Abacus, Retainer, Nice n Slow, PK, Meter Maid, Alexa, McAfee, Weedwacker, Cowboy, Huggies(Q).


Mosey to upper parking lot



20 Imperial walkers IC

20 Grass Grabbers IC

20 Abe Vigodas IC

Kendra Newmans

Mosey to get coupons and circle up in lower main parking lot

The Thang

Beat the Parents – Trivia game with questions for kids and their parents.  We did the parent questions, which were surprisingly hard.  Correct answers were awarded with a “light” exercise.  Wrong answers were awarded with a “heavy” exercise.

Light exercises that we did – Bear Crawl 40 yards, 10 Burpees, 15 tuck jumps

Heavy exercises that we did – 40 yard gassers X 6, 15 Man makers, 1/2 mile run, 40 yd gasser carrying a coupon X 2, 30 BB situps, 20 coupon American hammers IC, 40 coupon jumps (jumping over your coupon side-to-side), 20 coupon flutter kicks IC, Coupon Jack Web 1:2 ratio (we made it to 8:16 before time ran out)


We welcomed 2 FNGs Frosted Tips and Bagger.  Hope to see these guys back out in the gloom.

Announcements/Intentions – Workouts dedicated to Double Down next Tuesday.  Abacus’s M going through another procedure tomorrow, Meter Maids grandfather, Bagger.

I ended with telling the Pax about what this brotherhood has meant to me.  I encouraged everyone to be thankful for our good health and our ability to be out here this morning.

See ya next time

Huggies out.




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