Pre-Blast the Loco 12/4/18 Double Down Beatdown


Tomorrow is a special day, we will start the day off getting better in honor of a true HIM Double Down.

Black will be the color of choice and bring and Ace of ♠️ if you have one.Gel in the hair is an added bonus, slicked back preferably.

Bring a winners mentality and plan to be pushed. We will push each other together as a PAX and as DD say “leave no man left behind.”

Pull yourself out of bed tomorrow and support a true HIM. There are plenty of options to post at in the A.M.

As we all know from the attendance reports DD would be in the gloom tomorrow if he could. So let’s all get out and support him tomorrow.

SYITG 5:30. The County

Mama’s Boy👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

54 sounds like a number to remember for tomorrow..

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