12-6-18 – Bayside – Back Blast – The Big Kapowski

My maiden voyage to Bayside did not disappoint. If you haven’t visited this AO yet please do yourself a favor and get out there. Glauc and crew have a good thing going out there and the space is perfect for F3.

I arrived a little early to acquaint myself with the site and get my bearings so I was ready for the PAX. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of numbers but we got a good showing of 10 PAX:



Grandpa Bear


Fanny Pack






I started with the usual disclaimer and then we started with a mosey around the large parking lot. We then lined up for a warm-up:

SSH x 25 IC

20 BOYO’s

MC’s x 25 IC

Plank Jacks x 25 IC

Left/Center/Right Jacks(?) x 25 IC

Descending Pushup Ladder – 10 pushups w/ a 10 count and down from there

Thang 1

I lined 3 cones up in the parking lot every three spaces(stole this from an OJ Q) and performed the following:

Walking Lunges w/ 2 burpees at each cone – down and back

Plyo Jumps w/ 2 burpees at each cone – down and back

Gorilla Run/Leaps down – 20 merkins and back – 20 merkins

Thang 2

We moseyed over the the coupon area and retrieved a coupon for each PAX. We then proceed to the parking lot and started the corner of the parking lot nearest the coupons.

We then proceeded to perform 2 exercises in each corner of the parking lot with a “coupon mosey” in between each set of two exercises to the next corner.

1st corner – 10 man maker burpees and 25 coupon squats – we then ran the coupon down the lot to the next corner

2nd corner – 25 deadlift w/ overhead press and 25 curls – we then did an overhead coupon carry to the next corner

3rd corner – 10 around the world’s in each direction and 25 overhead presses – we then ran the coupon down to the 4th corner

4th corner – 25 squat thrusters and 25 curls – we then did an overhead carry back to the coupon space

At this point, we ran back close to the flag and ended with Mary:

Flutterkicks x 25 IC

Gas Pumps x 25 IC

Pickle Pounders x 25 IC

J Lo’s x 25 IC

Intentions: Double Down, Abacus and M, Weedwacker, Pope and all unspoken intentions

Announcements: December Ruck on 12/21, Burpee Challenge for Vets on 12/24 at North Posh

As always, I enjoyed the opportunity to lead and I’m thankful to have been out there with a great group. Looking for to being back at Bayside soon.

– Catfish



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