Backblast- 12/14 Wisteria @ Pleasantville- Grinder Q

Near perfect morning in Pleasantville. Temps in the low 50’s, light wind, no rain, and ducks on the water. There’s no place better to spend a Friday morning, especially with a group of HIMs like those in attendance today.

PAX: Jolly Rancher, Jitterbug, Le Pew, Farva, Big Bird, Mama’s Boy, Plumb Bob, Pew Pew, Grinder (Q)

Disclosures were given, and we left on a short mosey around the circle. Mid-way, we stopped for COP: SSHs, Hillbillies, DD, Runner Stretch and Grass Grabbers. Next, we headed off on a Scout Run, heading back past the amphitheater and along the trail beside the pond. The leader run did two burpees after finishing each sprint.

Once back at the amphitheater, we started the main event. PAX would Box Jump to the first level, do five Burpees, then sprint to the middle stairs.. They’d then Box Jump to the next level, do 10 merkins, then Bearcrawl back to the end. Lastly, they’d Box Jump up another level, do 15 squats, then lunges walk back to the middle stairs. This circuit was continued up every level of the amphitheater on the right side, then continued up every level of the left side. Props to Big Bird and Jolly Rancher for pushing me through those last two levels.

After the amphitheater circuit, we had about 6 minutes left, so we did a merkin time-bomb then finished up with Mary: LBCs, Flutter Kicks, Pretzel Crunches, E2Ks, Big Boys and V-UPs.

In closing, we did announcements and intentions then talked about how damn lucky we all are and giving thanks for all we have.

Grinder out.

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