12.10.18 Silo at N Posh BB

To those 5 HIM that made it out for a Beastmode Monday morning workout…on 12/10…, my apologies on getting this out so late. And by late, I mean unacceptably late. As the workweek got underway, I succumbed to the demands of work, family, a brief moment of quiet time in the evening and rinse and repeat. All of a sudden, a week’s gone by. Is it worth it at this point? Have the PAX already forgotten about what we did? How disappointed are they in their QIC? Well, I need to swallow my pride and get this out there! As I have been made aware it is important not only for those going through it at 0-dark thirty but also for those that can’t and want to live vicariously through the lives of F3Louisville.

My commitment: BigBird Back Blasts to be posted no longer than 24 hours later and my apologies to….

The PAX: Catfish, Gypsy, Storm Trooper, LePew, Abacus, BigBird(Q)

When Catfish agreed to swap Q sites I have to tell you it was a mix of emotions. I knew he would be bringing the pain for the inaugural beatdown at The Nest making it an official AO on 12/08 (Of course he did not disappoint!) I was excited to Q at N Posh but also a bit intimidated as his Mondays are always tough no matter the Q. I had to bring my “A” game!

0530, 25degrees and 5 PAX present. Let’s get it on!

Start w/ 5 BOYOS

COP: Abe Vagodas 15 IC, Michel Phelps, 5 inchworms, Pigeon stretches working the hip flexors.

Go grab coupons for…

Tabata #1: Merkin over coupon

Tabata#2: Toe Taps

Return coupons and all out sprint to the shelter at the bottom of the hill for…

Thang 1: 10 minute AMRAP: 10 Derkins, 10 Dips and 10 Box Jumps- rinse and repeat until time.

Thang 2: Grab a partner- Partner 1 Bernie Sanders up the hill about 40 yards. Once at the top: 10 burpees. While this is happening partner 2 is doing BigBird lunges until their partner returns to swap. We would carry on for 3 rounds.

Recover and mosey to our starting point. Once there circled up for one last treat.

SSH To the song Son of A Bitch by Nathaniel Rateliff and the Nightsweats (inspired by a Cochran party two days prior). On the hook we would bust out burpees. Couldn’t finish the song because it got to be 6:15 already. Probably all for the best as LePew, (just started the week prior and made 5 consecutive days) said he felt like he might spill some merlot.

Caught our breaths and circled up for COT:

Announcements: Burpee challenge on Christmas Eve that what will now be at regular Posh at 0530. Prayers for WeEdWaCkER and for a member of the St. Aloysius family. For all of those intentions left unsaid.

I am thankful for my brothers that showed out and helped me start my week off with a bang!

Until next time…


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