Back Blast – Vincent Q @ the Tank 12/19

This was my first Q at Veterans since the new section of the park opened.  Seeing the row of illuminated flags, still standing at half mast, is a beautiful and humbling sight!  If you have not posted there, put it on your list and get there soon.  It is worth the drive.  And the PAX #’s are solid.

Worm, Rhythm, Closer, PK, Flounder, Tony Malito, Snow Day, Drysdale, Carlose’, Meatball and Vincent (Q) put in max effort this morning in the gloom.

Gearlander – Gray Asics Base layer shirt, Hind running Vest, black Asics tights with Asics shorts and New Balance 980 running shoes.

We moseyed one loop around the monument and flags then circled up for COP.  SSH’s, Slow Grass grabbers, Imperial Walkers, Merkins – all in cadence followed by downward dog calf stretch and Cobra back stretch.

Sufficiently warmed up, we wasted no time and went right into my patented Burpee, Merkin, Plank Jack Webb.  1 to 4 ratio merkins and plank jacks with a burpee between each cycle.  10-40 was achieved and the steam was rolling off of the PAX.

Next we ran to the old parking lot for multiple sets of sprints and exercises.  1st – run the full length of the lot and complete 25 side straddle squats, sprint back and complete 20 SSSq’s, then 15, 10 and 5 with a sprint between each.  Same scenario, this time with scissor lunges and then a third cycle with DaVinci situps.  The final 2 laps were alternating bear crawls and mosey from one end to the other and back.

Next thang – we moseyed back to the monument for a 5 minute plank challenge and to talk nutrition.  Several PAX members have set some weight goals and they are holding each other accountable.  I gave my 2 cents worth, which is probably only worth a penny but still some food for thought.

Circled up for announcements and intentions.  Mentioned the tragedy in Lex, SC with Digit.  Make sure you hug your kids, tell those who are special that you love them, and count your blessings!!

Until next time, SYITG.  Vincent.

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