12.24 – Big Mo – Heavy – Back Blast

First of all, sorry this one is late. If you are reading these, than you have heard everyone say, how much they are loving the Heavy workouts and I am no different. These are a lot of fun and push us in different ways than we are used to. So props to Worm for organizing this and keeping it going and props to SnowDay for coming through with his truck full of heavy stuff week in and week out.

With that said, I wanted to try a few new things with the tire. Flipping the tire is a great WO don’t get me wrong but it’s nice to mix it up.

Pax: Worm, Tool Time, Flounder, SnowDay, Diablo, Hot Wheels (Q)

COP: We did some of the usual warm up items and a lot of stretching since we were gonna through some weight around. Ended with some BOYOs to add to the Burpee Challenge crew.

Thang 1: this was a leg circuit. With the main item at the tire where we had two pax at the tire for a leg press movement. 1 under the tire while the other stood/laid on top for extra resistance. This was awesome.

1. Leg Press with Tire

2. Tire Spotter/extra weight

3. Pipe Bollard Squats.

4. Dumbbell Lunges

5. Sand Bag Dead lift

6. Run 3 laps around the monument.

Thang 2: was an upper body circuit. Similar movement at the tire except it was a chest press with another standing/laying on it.

1. Chest Press with Tire

2. Tire Spotter/extra weight

3. Pipe Bollard Rows

4. Kettle bell swings

5. Sand Bag Cleans

6. Dumbbell shoulder presses

Enough time for a few rounds of weighted V ups and it was 6:15.

Very proud of what you guys accomplished at the Posh on this same day, with the Burpees. Sounds like you guys pushed through some demons. T Claps Catfish for organizing and raising money for such a wonderful cause!

COT with some intentions and a reminder for all to relax and enjoy the holidays.

Great work guys.


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