A Q I won’t Forget: The Nest BB 12.29.18


Yesterday as I was finalizing my WO for the Nest & I asked the PAX who call The County their home AO if any 2.0s would be in attendance. I was planning to incorporate music & wanted to make sure it was appropriate (2.0s were in attendance & it wasn’t 100% appropriate). In response to my question Fungi shared he was going to be bringing a 2.0, but they weren’t his 2.0. The 2.0’s name is Trevor, he’s 10 years old, & lost his dad to cancer several years ago. Fungi & Le Pew are family friends & asked Trevor’s mom if it would be okay to bring him out.

If you don’t read the rest of this BackBlast that’s completely fine because what I just wrote should be enough. Two of our PAX, Fungi & Le Pew, fully embodied what F3 stands for…TClaps to these two HIMs!     👏👏👏


  1. Valdez
  2. Exxon 2.0
  3. Amelia
  4. Red Ryder 2.0
  5. Momma’s Boy
  6. Jolly Rancher
  7. Fun Dip 2.0
  8. Abacus 
  9. Big Bird
  10. Fungi
  11. The Bus 2.0 FNG
  12. Nino QIC

I gave the disclaimer that I am not a professional, I have not received any training, & everything I say is a suggestion so please modify as needed. With that, we were off on a quick mosey up around the front of the church & back to the end of the parking lot where we circled up for COP.


  • (10) SSH IC
  • (10) Hand-Release Merkins IC
  • (10) Imperial Squat Walkers IC
  • (10) SSH IC
  • (10) Hand-Release Merkins IC
  • (10) Imperial Squat Walkers IC


AMRAP each of the following exercises for the allotted time for each exercise. The completion of one set of each exercise is 1 cycle, we did a total of 4 cycles.

  1. Squat Jump: 60 secs
  2. High-Knee Skip: 45 secs
  3. Merkins: 60 secs
  4. Seal Jacks: 45 secs
  5. 20-Yard Sprint: repeat 8 lengths

*since we didn’t have 160+ yards to work with we did four consecutive 20-yard sprints, moseyed back to the beginning, & repeated. 


Complete the following circuit three times, resting 30 secs after the Groiners in each circuit.

  1. LBCs: 45 secs
  2. Freddy Mercury’s: 1 min
  3. Big Boy Sit-Ups: 30 secs
  4. Straight Leg Raises: 30 secs
  5. E2Ks: 1 min (30 secs each side)
  6. Groiners: 20 seconds

By the time we got through the third circuit, it was 0758 so we moseyed back over to the flag.




  • Trevor was named “The Bus” because he’s a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan (he was decked in a yellow Steelers beanie & a Steelers sweatshirt). Of course, he had no idea who “The Bus” was so we told him it’s worth a Google.


  • Double Down Challenge starts on Tuesday 1.1.19. I strongly encourage every PAX to sign up by joining the channel in Slack. We will only collect the $5 from the PAX who complete the challenge so there’s NOTHING to lose.


  • Amelia has a friend whose 4 yr old had a tumor that was removed, but st moment unable to speak or move. 🙏🏼
  • Fungi’s co-worker whose husband is good friends with several PAX passed away Saturday. The funeral is today. 🙏🏼
  • My uncle had a heart attack on Christmas Eve & is recovering in the hospital. 🙏🏼

With this, I took it to the SkyQ & found myself holding back my emotions. I can’t imagine what it’s been like for Trevor after losing his father when he was 5-6 years old because there is NO replacement for a father. Seeing Trevor this morning doing SSH, Merkins, sprints, etc. was great but my hope was this morning was as impactful on him as it was on me. Thank you Fungi for being the type of leader I ask the SkyQ to help us be. I continued to be amazed & inspired by the men of this PAX. 

Nino out.

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