Back-Blast – North Posh – Run Mode – 12-31-18

The rain didn’t stop 4 of our best PAX from getting out in the gloom for a run heavy workout this morning! I was wanting to try something different and use North Posh to benefit the fitness goals of those aiming for running and rucking challenges this year. The site is perfect if you are looking to build strength and endurance. What is often seen as the “hard” part about North could and should be our best friend. Today it was.




Little Jerry

Catfish (Q)

Here is what we did:

Quick Warm-Up and disclaimer

Mosey down to the Pit

5 x 60 yard sprint with a jog back recovery

Mosey back up the path to the North Posh parking lot

Mosey to the bottom of the hill near Shelbyville Road

15 minute AMRAP of hill repeats – I encouraged the PAX to mix the repeats up between hard sprints up the hill and Bernie Sanders.

Finished with 3-4 minutes of stretching and plank

This format allowed various running levels to stay together and work at their own pace while having the energy and camaraderie of other PAX to push you along. Abacus is Q’ing a similar workout at North Posh next Monday. If you are interested in improving your running, wanting to boost weight loss or fitness level come check it out.


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