Backblast 12/27 Extender @ The Mutt – Grinder Q

Well, this is late. Holiday procrastination got the better of me, so I apologize to the HIMs that showed up to work out with me last Thursday at the Mutt for the delay in getting this out. Yes, the workout happened. Here’s who was was there and what we did:

PAX: Wham-O, Snowman, Plumb Bob, JuCo (FNG), Grinder (Q)

Thangs: Disclaimers were given and we moseyed the short way to the big lot for warm-ups. SSHs, Hillbillies, Grass Grabbers and Downward Dog ensued. Next we left out on a short Scout Run down to St. Matthews Ave and back with the Scout doing two Burpees after every sprint. There was quite a bit of Mumblechatter throughout the workout, including during the run, but YHC was mainly a listener at this point because I was having one of those mornings where I felt like I’d never run before- lead legs and heavy lungs. It was a good thing the rest of what I had planned had very little running involved.

Once back at the church, we moseyed to the coupon garden where I had a 24 minute timed AMRAP circuit waiting for the PAX. 3 sets of the following exercises: Coupon curls, Skull Crushers w Coupon, Coupon squats, Overhead presses w Coupon, Coupon swings, and Coupon Presses. All exercises were one minute on, then fifteen seconds rest, with a full 30 seconds rest between the group sets. Beastie Boys playlist was on blast to help push us through. After finishing our last reps, we had a few minutes left for Mary, although I have to be honest that I do not remember what couple ab exercises we did. Let’s say LBCs and Flutter Kicks for good measure.

Coupons were returned and we made our way back to the flag. At name-o-rama, we had fun with naming our FNG. He was HL’d by Valdez so I had been thinking the whole workout of doing something related to that. That was when he dropped it on us that he was just in town for the holidays and would be heading back to Harvard for graduate school in a few weeks. That revelation led to a number of great name suggestions from the PAX, but when Snowman shouted out JuCo, we knew we had the right name for our Ivy Leaguer. Welcome, JuCo! Thanks for hanging out with a bunch of dumb, old guys that morning and hope you come back again when you’re in town.

Humbled, as always, to be able to lead.

Grinder out.

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