Last Ruiner of the year

Qs: Vincent and Nugget

Pax Sea bass
Red Roof
Tammy Faye Baker
Wait Time (DR)
Nugget – Q
Vincent – co Q

Vincent threw it out that we needed a Q for the Ruiner, and I knew that the work schedule permitted, so I volunteered to co Q with someone. (Notice that I said WE needed a Q, not he. Whatever AO is your home turf, own it.) Seabass and I arrived early to plant some props and moneyed to the sire which would soon have a flag. Face was first to arrive but quickly saw a bat signal and headed to the Mutt to be a reserve Q if needed. He was missed, but I’m sure I will see him soon.

Vincent was there next and slowly the call for some UK and UL fans to come participate in said gear added to the milkshake. Gillespie was a guarantee if anything UK is involved, but Fridge was a sweet surprise for the home team, all decked out in his Red and Black. We even had a DR from Omaha in Wait Time.

Vincent started us off with a mosey tonthe tennis courts for COP



Grass Grabbers

Downward dog into runners stretch and Cobra

And 0 shoulder stretches. I only mention this because of what followed.

Thang 1

Vincent brought some stats from the annual game’s history. First was the highest scoring game. UL 103 UK 89

So, we did 103 Merkins followed by tennis court suicide.

This is a hell of a way to start off the morning. 103 Merkins?! It was like sticking your head in the oven to eat your dinner. Shoulders smoked and I’m 10 minutes in…. moving on

Next, was the lowest scoring game ever UK 18 UL 14

18 Bobby Hurleys followed by a suicide

14 Burpees followed by a suicide

Finally, he said the leading scorer in the series. I remember it was Rex Chapman for UK and Russ Smith for UL.

34 Lunges then a suicide (Chapman)

30 Carolina Dey Docks then a suicide (Smith)

Props to Buschhhh for picking up the 6 (me). If we are running, Buschh is always there picking me up and pushing me. It is appreciated.

After this we circled up for some Mary of heel touches and Davincis.

Then it was my turn. Well, I like to have some fun during my Qs. I also am competitive. So what better day to divide the Pax for a little competition.

We lined up on the running path and started a scout run from the tennis courts to the basketball courts. When we arrived, I grabbed 2 basketballs from my planted car for some EMOM.

Every minute on the minute

8 hand release Merkins

3 broad jumps

Bear crawl or lunge walk to half court.

At this point, one member would have the remaining time in the minute to make as many shots as possible. 1 point for a lay up, 2 points for a free throw, and 3 points for a 3. You just switch spots after making one. Gillespie started strong, but we all noticed that the free throw was no gimme after merkins and bear crawls. Seabass cane out on top with 11 points. Pretty impressive if you saw some of our attempts. 12 pax so 12 rounds.

To end things, I had planned some full court pick up basketball. But we had 12, so I reverted to some old school rules from girls basketball in the 60s. I won’t bore you with those, but we didn’t really adhere to them anyway. Unfortunately, after several trips up and down Wonka slipped on a wet part of the court and was unable to continue. Out of safety for everyone, we decided to end the say with a game of knockout. It cane down to Wait Time and Buschhh and I am happy to announce Buschhhhh as the first annual Ruiner Knockout champion. He’s ready and willing to defend his title against any other AO.

We modeled back to the flag for some COT and refreshments because Buschhhh was there .

Announcements about coffeetweia, double down challenge and the O/Mutt Q on New Years day.

Intentions for all in need and Wonka to get well soon.

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