Backblast 1-09-19 Geppetto Q @ The Blender

airAs I stated in my pre-blast, it has been a while since I have Q’d.  Posted a few times over that period since and it seems like these workouts are continuing to get harder instead of easier.  Not sure if it’s just age catching up with me or the fact that the Pax is really stepping its Q game up!  Likely it’s both.  Figured it was time to quit whining about it and get my ass back in the game.

Pax (10) Geppetto (Q), Backdraft, Sump Pump, Sherpa, Zima, Messi, PlumbBob, Zoolander, Blueprint, Snowman

Weather conditions: 35* +/- with a Feels like temp around 25* Dry with a steady breeze.

Attire:  New F3 quarter zip I gave myself for Christmas and Yeungling cap compliments of Buschhhhh.


Mosey one lap around the school, high knees, butt kickers, and karaoke along the way.  Circled up for some of the following:

Abe Vigodas IC x 15

Downward Dog/Runners stretch

Imperial Walkers ICx20



Thang 1:  Bropee/Pull-up Mile

Divided the Pax into two groups. Beginning at the small playground, G1 ran to the left and G2 to the right around the building.  When the two groups met on the opposite side at about the half lap point, pair up with someone from the other group and 5 bropees.  Continue the lap and meet back at the start point at the playground and 10 pull-ups (partner assist if needed).  Did four laps. Totaling approx 1 mile, 20 bropees, and 40 pullups.


Thang 2A:  Jack Webbs

Love these…which means I hate them.  Merkins/Airpress 1:4 Ratio. Apparently the humidity was at molasses levels yesterday as the air was as thick and heavy as I can remember.  The pax will attest to it.  Best part about being the Q is you know what’s coming.  Finished our 10:40 rep and everyone relaxed.  Just because I could and I knew they’d hate me for it, I called for one more set of 11:44.  They threw a few choice words at me but all powered through it.


Circle of Mary

American Hammers ICx10

Big Boys SCx20

V-Ups ICx10

J-Los ICx10

Pickle Pounders ICx10

Just enough time for one more lap around the school and back to the flag.


Count-o-rama. Name-o-rama.  Announcements for Awards Banquet and January Ruck.  Circled up and prayed for intentions both said and unsaid.

Finally, thanks to the pax for continuing to inspire me to get out and get better each time.  Yes it is hard and only seems to get harder, but extremely thankful for still having the ability to get out and run around doing dumb stuff with you boys.

Gepetto out!

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