01/18/19 Backblast PK @ the Chopper


Some days you wake up and you feel that it is going to be a great day.  Today was one of those mornings.  Snowday put out a message on Slack the night before searching for a few HIMs to join him in some early morning pre-work-out extra credit.  I had planned on keeping the PAX moving this morning, so a couple of extra miles weren’t going to hurt no one.   So at 5am McAfee, Malito, Snowday and PK began an early morning jog.  Covered 2.2miles, in completing the Veteran’s Park loop twice.  With four guys effectively warmed up, we waited for the clock to strike 5:30am.

The weather was 39 degrees, and we had 19 gather for a Friday morning fun, including an FNG.  My timer went off, letting me know that it was time for the disclaimer, and for us to get moving.  My pre-blast was about accelerating forward, so the intent was to keep the PAX moving.

PAX: Flo Jo, Maxi, McAfee, Huggies, WeedWacker, Vincent (R), Malito, Scubba Steve, Carlos’e, Deep Dish, FNG, Shiplap, Meatball, Drysdale, Snowday, Alexa, Fridge, Iceman (R), PK (Q).

Mosey out towards the Jeffersonian performing a few exercises on the way.  Marios, Butt Kicks, Carioca, High Knees, Carioca, and circle back up at the seal.


Toe Touches

Right leg over left toe touches

Left leg over right toe touches

15 Abe Vigoda

10 Imperial Walker Squats

After some confusion by the Q, finally got everyone separated into partners. Informed them of the workout, that we would be doing next.  Near the Memorial there is a large stone area that we have termed the Tomb.  One partner is to perform the exercise until the other partner returns.  The other partner is to head down to the straight section leading to the tomb “the Neck” and perform an exercise through the neck, run around the memorial, and then perform the same exercise back through the neck and return to relieve his partner.

Round 1

Partner 1 Broad Jumps the Neck while Partner 2 performs Dips

Round 2

Partner 1 Bear Crawls through the Neck, while Partner 2 performs Box Jumps

Round 3

Partner 1 Burpee Broad Jumps through the Neck, while Partner 2 performs Incline Merkins

Round 4

Partner 1 crab walks through the Neck, while Partner 2 performs Box Jumps

Round 5

Partner 1 lunge walks through the Neck, while Partner 2 performs Decline Merkins

Heard plenty of mumble chatter at this point.  I enjoyed this work out and may call this the Tomb Raider with some more modifications in the future.  We had been moving pretty steady now for a while, and these guys were moving faster than I had anticipated.  Time to move onto Thang 2.

Captain Thor’s.  Did this at a couple of other sites, and had not made it through the whole set, due to time, complaints, or whatever.  So I wanted to make sure to get everyone through it. Big Boy Sit-Ups, with American Hammers done in a 1:4 ratio all the way to 10.

Another goodie, that I failed last time at the County, that I think is painful and a great exercise, Absolution.  Last time, I had forgotten how it worked and I was determined to get it right.  Turns out Alexa did not get it right when he was trying to help out at the County.  Either way, I was still glad he was there to offer his help, and he was here this morning to learn the proper way.  Absolution – Start in Plank, go to Elbows on 1, 2 count, then perform a Groiner, 3, 4 count, then perform a Plank Jack 5, 6 count, and return up to Plank 7, 8.  Performed this 10 times.

Amazingly we still had plenty of time.  While everyone is already in the circle, have a person take turns leading a Mary routine and we will work our way to 6:15am.

Freddie Mercurys


Weezy Jeffersons

Flutter Kicks

Dying Cockroaches

Cycle Merkins

30 seconds plank


I may have missed one in there, but it felt good. Weekwacker tried to pull a StarGazer exercise, which I think everyone would have enjoyed (including myself).  We circled up for the count-o-rama, and name-o-rama.  We had a new FNG to name as well.  Dude used to be called Suede, so we welcomed Corduroy.  After that intentions were said, and we thanked the Sky Q for letting us come out and face the challenges of the day.

Glad to see so many new faces out at Vets.  It is amazing having so many men show up for a workout so early in the morning.  I know for myself, I would not have woken up this early for anything two years ago, and I cannot think of missing one now.  Having F3 and the HIMs within it holding each other accountable is another reason that F3 Louisville is strong.  If you haven’t seen someone who used to workout before it got cold, or before they found some other excuse not to come out.  Reach out to them, or through other PAX to check on them and get them back out.

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