Backblast The County 1/19

6 of us braved the rain this morning, and by braving it I mean we worked out under the covered area :).  The goal this morning was to break 1,000 reps each, split among lower, upper body, and mary.

We did the first round together doing 50 reps of each:

Lower body:  Squats w/coupon, lunges, calf raises

Upper body (all with coupons):  Curls, bench press, overhead press, one arm rows

Mary:  LBC’s, Plank jacks, Flutter kicks, Mountain Climbers

That got us all to 550 reps! (with round 2 yet to go)

Round 2:  Do a many as you can on your own, limiting calf raises, bench press, mountain climbers to 150 reps max (just because they are the “easier” ones).  This was split between 10 minutes focused on lower body only, 10 minutes for upper body only, 5 minutes for Mary.

I’m really proud of everyone bringing it this morning!  Some breaking the 1,500+ reps mark, which is crazy considering 1/2 our exercises involved coupons.

Top 3:

Valdez: 1,787

Alexa: 1,700

Big Bird: 1547


Those posted:

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