BackBlast – BlackOps #theCounty Running Abacus Q 1/19/19

From early in the week the weather looked frightful for our Saturday morning EC TITG (Time in the Gloom) run. Rain + Wind + Cool Temps (low 40’s / high 30’s) = CHAFING

YHG has never experienced the joy of


That was until yesterday ITG.

12 glorious miles with:

Little Jerry


Abacus (Q)

PAX randevu’d at #theCounty at 0600 for a nice warm up to the day. The PAX were greeted by pouring rain and howling winds. Maybe the howling was from YHC? Who knows. Anyway the disclaimer was…this will suck and stay safe. Off we went.

On the way back in we saw a car in the ditch. Dunphy and LJ, still having their wits, offered to help. YHC suspected the driver and passenger were long gone, but welcomed the quick relief. So was pleased to be the good Samaritan; if only by default. The driver and passenger were gone, but the car was a wreck so on we trekked back to #theCounty.

Once arriving at the county we ran by the PAX posting for a normal beatdown to flex our quads and biceps. After flexing at the PAX, working out under cover and out of the rain (much smarter than us), we ran back to the flags.

Until next week, run smart, fast, and 180 steps per minute.

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