BackBlast – BlackOps at #TheO Blueprint Q 1/21/19

I woke up this morning feeling warm and cozy only to walk outside to a frozen truck and Seneca Park this morning.  I rolled in at 5:28 and there was only 1 car parked but one more lost soul rolled in to brave this cold morning.

Temp: balmy 8 degrees with no wind

PAX: Blueprint Q, OJ, Digiorno

Quick disclaimer and we were off.

Did a slow mosey around neighborhood then made a triangle
COP: SSH’s (20), grass grabbers (20), toe touches, rt over left, lt over rt, copperhead squats (20), Kendra Newman’s, imperial walkers with squats (20)

Picked up coupons and headed over to Christian Academies clear parking lot

Thang 1: Superset: Round 1: 20 Coupon Squats at one end of lot/run to other end/10 Burpees/run back – Round 2: 20 Coupon Curls/run to other end of lot/10 Merkins/run back- 10 count – Repeat

Thang 2: 4 Corners: coupon carry around parking lot, stop at corners for 20 reps of following exercises: overhead presses, rows, copperhead squats, coupon swings – Repeat with 15 reps on second round

Thang 3: Supersets: Round 1: 20 Step-ups/run to other end/10 Merkins/run back – Round 2:20  Imperial Walker squats/run to other end of lot/10 Burpees/run – Repeat

Put up coupons

Quick Pic

Count O Rama – Name O Rama – Announcements –  COT

Took us out with quote from Martin Luther King: “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of Challenge and Controversy.”

Thank you guys for what you do and keep up the good fight

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