Backblast – North Posh 1.21.19

The North Posh crew arrived early and ready for the cold AM beatdown.  Icy conditions required numerous Audibles for the Am workout, but the gang was ready and eager to begin.  The top of North Posh hill was quiet except the howling wind cutting through our clothing layers.  With a quick great we were off and running.

Temp:  7 Degrees, but the full Moon added some warmth to our souls

Pax: 6 Strong and Brave Men (Little Jerry, Catfish, Dunphy, Gypsy, Abacus, & Le Pew)

Quick Disclaimer: We took off slowly, and seconds later LJ took a nasty spill.  LJ was dazed a little, but thank God he was Ok and chose to carry on.

The Pax covered 2.25 Miles of icy terrain throughout the paved path, while stopping every .25 Miles for a short beatdown.  On every .25 Mile the Pax completed (15) BOYOS, on every .5 Mile (30) Merkins, on every .75 Mile (45) Squats, and on every complete Mile (60) Jumping Jacks – 3 count, (45) Squats, (30) Merkins, and (15) BOYOS.

The total Tally: 2.25 Miles, 90 Boyos, 150 Merkins, 225 Squats, 180 (3 Count Jumping Jacks)

Count O Rama – 6                                                                                                                                    Announcements – Get together and Awards Banquet on January 25th 7:30 PM @ Saints Pizza & Pub/ Sky Bar                                                                                                                              Prayers – Abacus Wife, Double Down, and prayers for Martin Luther King’s sacrifice and work to make great changes throughout our country.

Great work from North Posh and all the other locations that braved the elements today.

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