BB from the Nest 1/12/2019

Sorry for the late Back Blast. I have been covered up with work and a sick household. This is no excuse and I apologize. Time got away from me.

I was excited but not excited to Q the Nest on a Saturday after a @Tonymolito and @PK ruck event the night before. I wouldn’t have missed it, Trivia Night was a blast and the pinball machines and games at the Rec Bar are on point.

On the way home from the Ruck, the weather started to get bad. Snow was falling and I did not think we would have more than a few HIMS show up for a Saturday WO.

I arrived at the County around 6:45 pumped up with my Q juice and the amazing Ruck the night before. As 6:58 hit no cars to be seen. Then out of nowhere @Amelia and @Wildflower with his 2.0 come rolling in. Let’s get it on.

Disclaimer was given.

Short Mosey to the Portico where we did


15- Slow Grass Grabbers

20- Imperial Walkers

Downward Dog and Scorpion

There was snow on the ground and I was tired from the night before but Wildflowers FNG(2.0) Voldemort- was a true inspiration for the day. He was just so excited to be out playing in the snow. He was doing snow angels, diving head first it the snow. He got me pumped up to be out on a Saturday getting better. He gave me the energy I needed. So we then mosey around the school and pick up coupons.

We pick up 2 more HIMS who made it out after the Ruck @Bigbird and @Alexa. I’m just grateful they made it out but Voldemort was not impressed with them being late. So he grabbed some snow and slammed it in their faces and head as we proceeded with the workout…that’s what you get when you’re late. Loved it.

Disclaimer- he was not prompted, he did this on his own.

Thang 1- did this circuit twice


15- Jump Squats



Then ran around the church

Thang 2- did this circuit twice as well


15-Skull Crushers


25- Bench Press

Ran around the church again

AMRAP Dips when we got back

Put coupons up and did a little MARY



Flutter kicks(4 count) 1,2,3,4 to 10

LBC- 4,8,12,16 to 40

Voldemort was ready for a snow ball fight. So we spilt teams and had a 5 minute snowball fight. If you got hit you did 5 squats. This was more fun than morning a workout.



Voldemort(2.0- FNG)




Mama’s Boy-Q

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