Diablo #BackBlast from The Heavy at #TheVet 1/21/19

Q: Diablo

PAX: Hot Wheels, Aerobie, Flounder, McAfee, Tool Time, Alexa, Worm, Diablo

Toys: Two 100 lb wood posts; 75 lb sandbag; 50 lb dumbbells; 20 lb dumbbells; 15 lb dumbbells; various kettlebells and plates

Conditions: Bitterly cold. Starting and ending temperature of 7 degrees, with snow-covered ground.

I arrived early and organized the toys for the PAX to get in some heavy work this morning at The Vet. I also quickly determined that a slower-paced, traditional heavy workout in 7 degree weather would not work well, so an audible of sorts was called. Here’s what we did:


SSHs (40 IC)

Imperial Walkers (10 IC)

Copperhead Squats (20 IC)

PAX then each picked up a kettlebell or dumbbell of their choosing for 3 supersets of Halos and Kettlebell Swings, 10 reps each set.

PAX then partnered up to rotate through the workstations.

Station 1

50 lb Farmer Walk

AMRAP Clean & Front squats with 75 lb sandbag

(Partners rotate exercises)

Station 2

Partner shoulder to shoulder presses with 100 lb post AMRAP.

Station 3

Dips (15)

Bicep Curls with 20 lb dumbbells AMRAP

(Partners rotate exercises)

Station 4

15 lb Arnold Press (10)

Merkins AMRAP

(Partners rotate exercises)

Station 5

100 lb log partner squats AMRAP

These were solid sets. The 100 lb posts were great for the shoulder to shoulder work. The partner squat movement was a bit awkward, but you never know until you try.

There was also the issue that a few of us were starting to freeze in the extremity regions. So, we circled back up for another round of SSHs (40 IC). Never in my life have SSHs felt so good. Blood flowing through the body is a positive thing I suppose.

PAX next partnered up for some weighted Merkins. Hot Wheels stepped up and tackled the 75 lb sandbag with me, where we each did 3 sets of 10. Other PAX used combinations of 45 lb plates and ruck plates. Best part was all PAX kept strong form on these. Good work by all.

After the weighted Merkins, PAX circled up one last time with some weight to move for:

SSHs (40 IC)

Squats (10)

Curls (20)

Step Back Lunges (20)

And I think that was it. Odd to step back and realize we did 120 (IC) SSHs at a Heavy workout, but the conditions required it.

PAX circled up for COT, NOR, and announcements / Intentions.

If you’re reading this and haven’t hit The Heavy yet, get out there with us. It won’t be 7 degrees every morning!


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