Backblast #The Bridge 1/23/19

Not gonna lie I was a bit nervous this morning when at 5:28 it was just me and the Shovel Flag; but then….headlights in the distance!


Jitterbug (QIC), Mr. Kotter, Bob Ross, Methane, Pew Pew, Nice-n-Slow

COP under the pavilion:  SSH, Grass Grabbers, Hillbillies, Kendra Newmans, Stretching

Thang 1-  2 sets in succession on the benches of Widegrip Incline Merkins, Narrow Grip Incline Merkins and Dips…….then roundabout mosey to the Bridge

Thang 2-    Group Did a 7 at the Bridge, (6 count at bottom , single count at top, then 5-2 etc with Merkins and Bobby Hurleys; Rain Stings a little harder and feels a lot colder on top of the Bridge so we Moseyed back to the pavilion.

Thang 3- B.L.I.M.P.S  In succession Boyos (5), Lunges (10 each leg), Imperial Walkers (with a squat where my cadence was….well, imperfect- 15), Merkins (20), Plankjacks (25), Squats (30)

Thang 4- Broke out a few toys borrowed from Iceman, set up 2 groups of 3. Each group perfumed 3 exercises in succession 1 minute at a time then switch.  Jump Rope, Cone Hop Overs, Hop Ups on Benches.  We did 2 Rotations of this.  Finished off with a few more Merkins and Mountain Climbers

Mary- Big Boys , American Hammers, LBC’s, Freddie Mercurys

NOR, COR, Announcements-    Awards Night this Friday at Saints 7:30

Intentions:  We spoke of several PAX who have had special intentions for themselves or family members ; and for those silent intentions. I spoke of how important this group is to me at a time where there is a lot of conflict and uncertainty we prayed for the wisdom of our leaders.  Also talked to the group about my experience posting DR in Charlotte twice last week.  An extraordinary group of HIM whom Im proud to say I believe we emulate very well.

Thanks to those who joined me this AM in the cold rain, especially for their patience as a few times I seemed to forget that I was actually the Q when I was “attempting” to count.  Thanks Again to @jkrcjcox Iceman for the use of the toys.  Iceman even though you Fartsacked on me this AM, you can be my wingman anytime……Jitterbug Out





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