Bulletin #BackBlast Heavy #BlackOps at #TheCounty

Planted the Flag, unloaded the weights from the car, and then retrieved some coupons.  We set up under the awning behind the school.   Perfect setting for heavy day in the rain.


Big Bird, Valdez, Jolly Rancher, Bulletin (R) Q

Disclaimer said and short mosey around the school for a warm up. 


Grass grabbers, Abe Vigoda’s, and Kindra Newmans

Unveiled the Bulletin Board with the workout detailed and neatly written by my youngest 2.0 the night before.   There were 7 pods/stations of exercises with each pod containing 2 working exercises and 1 burnout exercise.   We performed 10-15 reps of the working exercises, rinse and repeat for 4 minutes, then the burnout exercise for 1 minute.   Tried to stretch while moving to the next pod.   A good amount of mumblechatter throughout the workout which I enjoyed very much. 

  1. Curl and Reverse Curl – Burnout with Chinups
  2. Chest Fly and Pullover – Burnout with Deep merkins
  3. 1-ARM Row and Reverse Fly – Burnout with Pullup or inverted row
  4. Skull Crushers and Kickbacks – Burnout with Close grip Merkins
  5. Should Press and Front/Side Raises – Burnout with Push Press
  6. Squats and Reverse Lunges – Burnout with Jump Squats
  7. Dead Lift and Dumb bell Swings – Burnout with Good Mornings

Time got short at the very end and had to cut the last two a few seconds short.   We returned the coupons and circled around the Flag.

Announcements : Love the Hungry at St. Als Wednesday night.  Awards on Friday.

Intentions and Our Father.


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