Diablo #BackBlast from The Ruiner at The O 1/26/19

Q: Diablo

PAX: (11) Violet, Vincent, Trump, Wham!, Zartan, Plumb Bob, April, Puddin, Nugget, Lego, Diablo

Having the Q the morning after our first ever annual banquet was a bit tough. You know, because of the chips & dip. But, knowing I wouldn’t be out there alone made it much easier to get up and out this morning for some work.

PAX gathered around the flag, chatted it up, swapped some stories about last night, gave Wham an extra minute to join us, and at 7:01 got going – it was too cold to stand around.

PAX moseyed to LCA, where we circled up for a quick disclaimer and got moving.


SSHs (40 IC)

Mountain Climbers (20 IC)

Copperhead Squats (20 IC)

SSHs (40 IC)

The extra set of SSHs was for Zartan, who pulled in hot at LCA and missed the first set. Everyone thanked Zartan. (Actually, Z showing up this morning was pretty awesome. He went hard last night, didn’t eat dinner, didn’t get post-game pizza, and would have rather been wrapped in a fuzzy blanket.)

Thang 1

PAX then partnered up for:

P1: Curb Merkins 20, 30, 40

P2: AMRAP Bobby Hurley’s

P1: Dips 20, 30, 40

P2: Curb Hops AMRAP

The Curb Merkins became a menace. But, it’s time to get ready for spring break fellas.

I wanted to keep the PAX warm, so we circled back up for some split jacks (25 IC).

Thang 2

We then moseyed over to the field to grab our coupons and carried them to the tennis courts for some more partner work that included:

P1: Coupon Squats AMRAP

P2: Run length of 4 courts for 25 LBCs and then back

P1: over head presses AMRAP

P2: Run length of 4 courts for 25 Merkins and then back

P1: Curls AMRAP

P2: Run length of 4 courts for 25 flutter kicks and then back

Thang 3

PAX then moseyed around the quarter part of the track, and instead of just circling back to the courts, we ran to Cogan’s Hill. PAX jogged to the bottom for 40 lunges, and it was then a sprint to the top of the next hill. Jog back down, ten squats at the bottom, and then a sprint back up Cogan’s Hill. PAX then gathered together for a run back to the tennis courts.


We then finished with Captain Thor, which is 1 Big Boy sit up to 4 American Hammers, in ratio up to 10:40. Essentially Jack Webb, but with Big Boys & American Hammers. It’s a killer.


PAX returned the coupons, and moseyed back to the flag for NOR and COT. I said some things, and then invited all for coffee and conversation at Heine Brothers.

I’ve been under the weather this week, and this morning was very much needed. Thank you all for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.


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