PreBlast for F3 Louisville 2/8/19 RUCK

Q’s: Mad Cow & Diablo

Start time: 8:00 pm (try to arrive by 7:45)

Starting locale: Brownies Shed (9900 Linn Station Road, Louisville, KY 40223)

Ending spot: Brownies Shed

What you’ll do: Ruck, work, carry heavy things, talk, laugh, curse Diablo and Mad Cow (and probably get cursed right back)

Required Gear:

A Ruck, properly weighted. If over 150 lbs, at least a 30 lb plate; if under 150 lbs, at least a 20 lb plate.

A headlamp

Reflector strips, either on Ruck or in person

Water (Hydration Bladder is ideal!)

Photo ID

Recommended Gear:


Packable windbreaker

Good wool socks

Body Glide

$20 cash

It’ll be fun. But, not necessarily easy. May want to save the adult beverages for AFTER this one.


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