The Hurt BB – 2.2.19


PAX (9): Glen Ross, Sump Pump, Pepperoni, Old Bay, Fergie, Blueprint, Wham-O, Loco, Deuce (Q).

The weather was not as good as I had hoped, but compared to what we had, it wasn’t bad at all.

Got to the Mutt a little behind schedule, and so quickly thereafter 0700 hit, and standard disclaimer given.  Start with a mosey around the walking path to see its viability for use.  Sure enough the frozen fog had made it pretty slick and so mosey in the grass along the path to the coupon garden.  Coupon garden was also slick AF.  Everyone grab 2 coupons and skate up to the parking lot, which was in much better condition.

Drop one coupon off at the edge of the lot near the multipurpose building, and bring the other up to the normal COP spot near the portico.

COP – SSH 20 IC, 10 merkins, Grass-grabbers 20 IC, 10 merkins, Hillbillies 20 IC, 10 merkins, Kendra Newmans.

Thing 1 – set the coupon near the portico and mosey to the small parking lot on Cherrywood side to start HORSE.  This would be running to each station around the school, which was originally going to be a longer run around the school and walking path, but that seemed unwise.

H – Hand release burpees (or hrrrrpees) – 15 in the Cherrywood lot.

O – Overhead press with coupon – 30 at the portico.

R – Rows – 30 at the spot where we left other coupons near the MPB.

S – Smurf jacks – 30 at the corner near the flag

E – E2K – 30 (or 15 each side) at the stop sign.

Repeat x2 (it was groundhog day of course)

Thing 2 – after returning one coupon, partner up in the lot by the multi-purpose building.

Partner 1 AMRAP Curls while partner 2 runs to the little playground for 10 pullups.  Repeat x1.

Partner 1 AMRAP coupon merkins while Partner 2 bear crawls half way to the end of the lot, lunge walk the rest and mosey back.  Repeat x1.

Partner 1 AMRAP squats with coupon while Partner 2 runs to the corner near the flag, 20 Smurf jacks and runs back.  Repeat x1.

Return coupons and circle up in the coupon garden for a little Mary on Ice.  Flutter kicks (20 IC), LBCs (20 IC), 1 minuteish plank, 20 American Hammers IC.  Time was called, and head to the flag.

COT – February Ruck coming up quickly.  Prayers for the homeless and those in need.  End with the Our Father.   Then head over to the MPB to help Larry Flynt and Mouth load  the truck with all the auction items for Holy Trinity VIP night.


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