2/6 Backblast the Bridge #KiloQ

DA7C3C41-96C1-4550-B409-5FFD55772667Rolling up to the coupon bridge at 0525 to place my weinke a light and a speaker box.  I knew the pax in attendance were quick to contemplate if YHC would live up to my reputation.  #FartSackKing.  Not so fast my friend.  I had a real slobber knocker snot woggler in store for these HIM.  Rolled into the posh lot on 2 wheels at 0529.  Hopped out my Subaru, hyped as Nino at a hair gel convention.  Asked pax to follow me, and almost forgot the disclaimer.  It was shouted out on the mosey over to the coupon bridge.  

Upon arrival the pax immediately noticed the list of work they’d be attempting to complete.  We circled up and did some SSH.


partner up for modified heavy Dora

running pax runs to the other side of the bridge and back.  But they have to carry a coupon rock of choice.

The work

150 T-Merkins

200 squats

100 burpees

300 2ct. Flutter kicks

150 T-Merkins

200 BigBoys


We made it most of the way through the 150 T-merkins before needing to head back to the flags.


Maxi, sweetTart, Methane, nice n slow, dryRub, huggies, Glauc, deep dish, mr. Kotter, Gilly, dynomite, retainer, Chapo, KiloQ.

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