2/13/2018 Blender PreBlast at the Mutt

I saw this picture on twitter of a donkey wearing a scarf and couldn’t stop laughing.  I really wanted to try and work the pic into the pre-blast but ultimately decided not too. Also it has nothing to do with the Blender or my Q tomorrow.  Anyway, I’m hoping the dry conditions will not keep people away or the basketball hangover from tonight.  But even if you do drink too much tonight I encourage you to come out tomorrow for several reasons:

  1. The Mutt has the best bathrooms of any AO-able to handle any wicked hangover issues you might have
  2. Seriously, how hard can it be? I know we don’t get up for easy, but I’m a tall, skinny guy that works at a bank with a chronic sore back
  3. Mutters recaptured the Ghost Flag earlier this week (now waiting on the O guys to travel 1 mile over and take it)

So like all my pre-blasts and per Mouth’s request, below is a sneak peek for tomorrows weinke

Some running, some burpees but not too many thanks to Red Roof and Route 66, some coupon work and definitely some core work (I’ve found some new good stuff on the internet).  However, we will not plank for 7 minutes or bear crawl.  I finalized this weinke last week with the intent to also work in some solid 2rd F.  Lastly, if you are still reading this and make it tomorrow morning to my Q I will buy you 1 beer later that day at HDHH

SYITG or as Nugget would say GTIYS


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