Bag of Wrenches Back Blast (02/12/19)

When the alarm clock went off at 0445 this morning I heard the rain beating against the window and really wanted to turn over and go back to sleep. Truthfully that’s why I signed up to Q: Because I’ve been turning over and going back to sleep too often and it shows in everything I do. I’ve been struggling through the workouts and I needed something to keep me going.

It’s not fun to admit but it’s really easy to miss a few workouts, let life get in the way, and fall right back into sad clown mode. I’m a much better person to be around when I’m working out in the morning. Thank you PAX for motivating me to get out of bed this morning to get better!

QIC: Red Roof

PAX (10): Zartan, Gillespie, Violet, Wham!, Flo Jo, Scuba Steve, Mayberry, Ship Lap, Glen Ross, Red Roof

COP: Quick mosey to the school for COP. SSH(x20), Grass Grabbers(x20), Arm Circles, Merkins(x10), Plank Jack(x10), Monkey Humpers(x20)

THANG #1: Native American Run around the 1 mile loop, dodging huge water when possible, and stopping once in the middle to do S.L.I.M.P.S. (SSH(5), Lunges(10), Imperial Walkers (15), Merkins(20), Plank Jack(25), Squats(30))

THANG #2:  Mosey to Cogan’s Corner for one more round of S.L.I.M.P.S. then on to Route 66 between the light posts, down and back with burpees. That’s 11 burpees, run, 10 burpees, run, 9 burpees, run, etc.

MARY: You-Call-It Mary at the top of Cogan’s Corner. I know we did Big Boy Sit Ups, Flutter Kicks, LBC, A modified Plank Jack that Glen Ross said he found on the Internet, etc.

COT/Moleskin: Thanks again HIM for being there when I’m feeling lazy or otherwise. Zartan expressed the same sentiments and also encouraged us to reach out to someone who you may not have seen for a while and get them to post again. It doesn’t matter if they’re the 6 or not, the main thing is to have them out there with us getting better every day.

~Red Roof

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