Q: Diablo

PAX: Drysdale, Worm, Meatball, Kilo, PK, Tony Malito, Aerobie, Sadie, SnowDay, Diablo

PAX arrived and we quickly circled up. It was loud and cold. I mean, we know why it was cold. It’s that time of year. Increased auditory signals because Worm, Kilo, and Tony Malito must go to bed arguing and just wake up yelling at each other over screwdrivers or something. And I still don’t know what monkey they’re talking about. (I’m also curious as to what SnowDay was doing before the workout, as I saw him walking up out of the dark from the actual tank just before we circled up).

Any who, I warned of a heavy core workout, so here’s what we did:

Circled up for:

SSHs (40 IC)

Copperhead Squats (20 IC)

LBCs (50 IC)

Ran down to the softball field and retrieved the coupons for a Manmaker/ Merkin Ladder (Manmakers with Coupons 10-1; Merkins 1-10).

Just as it sounds. Partner 1 does 10 manmakers while Partner 2 does 1 merkin and holds plank until Partner 1 finishes. Then Partner 2 tackles the manmakers while Partner 1 starts the merkin ladder. Descend and ascend down to 1 manmaker and 10 merkins. (The coupons felt like blocks of ice, but all pushed through it.)

PAX circled back up with coupons for:

Coupon Swings (20)

Flutter Kicks w/ coupon (20 IC)

Mountain Climbers (20 IC)

V Ups w/ coupon (10)

Big Boy Sit-ups (20)

Plank Jacks (20 IC)

American Hammers w/ coupon (15 IC)

American Hammers no coupon (15 IC)

PAX returned coupons and ran back to the monument. With some additional time, we knocked out:

SSHs (40 IC)

LBCs (20 IC)

I think we did something else in that circle but honest to God I can’t remember it.

PAX circled for COT and NOR. Kilo gave details of March 16 Ruck event, and we gave thanks for our blessings and for those who serve to protect us.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of THIS.


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