2/13/2018 Blender BackBlast

Pax: Chickles, Zima, Sherpa, Digiornio, SumpPump, Old Bay, Mouth, Scuba Steve, Blueprint, FloJo, Violet, Fergie, Zoo, Plumb Bob, Fridge, Geppetto, Messi, Country Boy, Glen Ross (Q)

Conditions: Not raining

So last night was a first. I’ve had a lot of Q’s but none with only 4 hours of sleep

YHC had work duty late last night at the YUM Center and didn’t get home until midnight. It took me another hour before falling asleep and back up at 4:45.

2 takeaways from last night:

  1. Epic collapse—which I thought was statistically impossible
  2. Duke fans suck

I had already kind of decided what I wanted to do, but modified a few things after getting to the Mutt. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how many would show up.  I did expect some O guys might come over and try and grab the Ghost Flag.  This usually happens—The Mutters will get beat up for allegedly never traveling to any other sites (not true), but every six months rallies a team to go deep outside the Watterson into the wild frontier to capture the flag, which is then taken when the O guys travel 1 mile over to the Mutt.  Anyway, back to last night—so I also ran into Wham! at YUM, he was enjoying a beer at 10pm and told me he would see me in the morning.  So I knew at least there would be 2 of us.  Also in attendance was Country Boy with a surprise that he and Zoo would be there in the morning.  So at least 4, which is basically the average number for most of my Qs.  So fast forward to 5:25 and the parking lot is really filling up. Awesome to see some of the old guys out with the new guys and the O guys—turnout was 100!

Disclaimer and off for short mosey to warm up.

Circled up in the grass near Zoo’s pop’s tree—we did this a year ago at his Q and yes he did 15 SSH (check the BB Zoo–CI also fired off fireworks too)

After tearing up the turf with 20 SSHs I modified the warm up for a short MILF run down Leland.

Next, count off into 4’s for Thang1

Thang1: Using the four corners of the school set up stations and divide up into smaller groups. Certanily not something new to the Mutt or any workout, but I decided on this because of the 2nd F is usually very good with the smaller groups. Each station had a different focus (arms/ cores/ legs)

Station 1: Round 1 10 Burpees (this was the push group)/ Round 2 10 burpees/ Round 3 10 burpees

Station 2: Round 1 Merkins/ Round 2 American Hammers/ Round 3 I forgot and left the paper at the mutt

Station 3: Round 1 Gas Pumps/ Round 2 LBCs/ Round 3 ?

Station 4 Round 1 Curls/ Round 2 Rows/ Round 3 Bench Press

Each station was AMRAP while waiting for the push group to come through. This was a bit clunky and I had to modify some.  But the goal of this was smaller groups=great mumblechatter.  Also, somehow Zoo merged his group into another group, forming a super group, while the other groups had 4.  This type of workout is truly Y vs: Y

Regaining some control I closed out the stations at 6:05 for some Mary.  We circled up for a big boy/ air press jack webb.  Made up to 10/40—with the Pax helping with counting (thanks Iceman).  Next with about 5 minutes left we did a dirty Sanchez 4×4 ending with Barbara Walters 20/20.  This was much harder and involved 4 sets of peter parker elbow planks, then 4 elbow plank pickle pounders.  We moved from 4×4, 8×8, 12×12, 16×16 and like a great Saturday night with the M we ended w/ 20×20.  Now with only 45 seconds left I tossed it over to Zoo for 4 Catalina Wine Makers and we called it a day!

Turnout was awesome and I hope everyone else enjoyed as much as I did.  2 pieces of Vivarin and 18 Pax had the Q juices going!  If you are still reading this remember that  first round is on me today at HDHH–lets keep this 2nd F going today

Ended with announcements–see slack, intentions and prayer



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